Best Commuter Electric Bikes

The following tips will help you choose the best commuter electric bike for your budget and lifestyle, please consider them carefully:

  • Weather. Most commute schedules are fixed, but weather is constantly changing. Commuter ebikes address this by including fenders and a chain cover to help keep you clean and dry. They also include lights to help you see in dark conditions as the seasons change. Integrated lights (those that run off of the main ebike battery) are ideal, because they're permanently fixed to frame for security, and automatically shut off when the bike is parked.
  • Safety. The path to and from work may include hazardous traffic zones. The solutions are reflective surfaces (paint, stickers, and reflectors), and lights that are visible from many angles; those with bright beams and side cutouts that increase your overall visual footprint. Reflective clothing and a helmet with integrated lights can further enhance your visual footprint! Additionally, responsive drive systems that get-up-and-go the instant you need them to cross a street can improve safety, as well as high speed Class 3 capability can help you keep up with traffic and command respect in traffic.
  • Durability. Commuter ebikes tend get a lot of use in varied conditions, which increases wear on parts. In this instance, it makes sense to pay more for a dependable motor, battery, and drivetrain from a company with a good track record and great customer support. Hardware to prioritize includes puncture resistant tires, sturdy spokes, stem, and rear rack.
  • Comfort. Frequent use and bumpy terrain will challenge the electric bike and your body. Solutions include high volume tires, an adjustable suspension fork, a suspension seatpost or rear suspension, and quality touch points (locking ergonomic grips, adjustable angle or upright stems, wide sturdy platform pedals) that help absorb vibration.
  • Cargo. Backpacks can be uncomfortable and create a sweaty back while riding to and from work, especially if they are heavy. The alternative is a sturdy rear rack that's compatible with trunk bags and panniers. It's nice if the rack has pannier blockers along the sides to keep your gear from rubbing against the tire, and a bungee loop at the bottom for securing anything on top. Rear racks shouldn't block the saddle if you lower it all the way. Options for carrying cargo on the front of the bike include mounting points on the fork or head tube to add pannier hangers or a tray rack or basket.

What follows is a dynamic list of commuter electric bikes from a variety of brands and different price points. The list will update over time as new models are added, so bookmark this page and check back often if you're about to buy! You can also add these ebikes to the comparison tool, and post and read comments at the bottom of the page :)

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