Best Cruiser Electric Bikes

The following tips will help you choose the best cruiser electric bike for your budget and lifestyle, please consider them carefully:

Electric Cruiser Bikes Offer:

  • Comfort. These bikes are designed for comfort, frequently offering step-thru frames and forward pedal positions designed for full leg extension to reduce strain on your knees, hips, and ankles, without raising the saddle height like road and mountain bikes. Large seats, upright, relaxed handlebars, and longer frames engineered to keep your body properly aligned to prevent stress and soreness in your back, shoulders, and wrists. Upright riding with a wide view of the road and surroundings makes cruising comfortable and fun.
  • Style and Fun. Electric beach cruiser bikes have a distinct vintage style, they tend to be have curvy swooping frames vs. hard angles. They use extra long handlebars, and often include paint matched fenders and chain covers. They're designed to be easy to operate with large shifting mechanisms, twist throttles, and large LCD displays.
  • Economy. Electric Cruiser bikes are some of the most affordable ebikes since they generally utilize entry level components and few to no gears. One downside is that the larger frames and simpler parts tend to be heavy. Cruiser bikes are built for fun rides in nice weather, so they may have a rack or front basket to carry things.

Things to Consider:

  • Intended Use. Electric cruiser bikes are great for fun, short rides in nice weather, however, there are other categories of ebikes that offer improved performance, durability, or value that are worth considering. For off-road or light trail riding, mountain and fat tire models are a great choice. If you plan to ride more frequently and need lights, fenders, and more durable parts, consider commuter ebikes. If you aren't locked into a cruiser style bike, but still but want to save money and get something simple, consider our list of affordable ebikes. Finally, if you have limited space or need to carry your bike up stairs, you could consider a folding electric bike
  • Total Cost. Remember to consider the costs of accessories and assembly if you buy direct. Add-ons can be expensive... so focus on total cost. A fully equipped already assembled ebike might be cheaper and save your back! For assembly, paying the professionals at a local bike shop can save time and money vs. the tools and mistakes of doing it yourself.
  • Frame Style. Our list of in-depth reviews below showcases many high-step cruisers, but some of these companies also sell step-thru versions... We point it out in the short descriptions and on the full review pages under "frame types".

What follows is a dynamic list of cruiser electric bikes. The list will update over time as new models are added, so bookmark this page and check back often if you're about to buy! You can also add these ebikes to the comparison tool, and post and read comments at the bottom of the page :)


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