Best Electric Cargo Bikes

The following tips will help you choose the best electric cargo bike for your budget and lifestyle, please consider them carefully:

  • Intended Use. What do you plan to carry on the electric cargo bike? Is it important to see your precious cargo (kids) up front? Will you carry heavy loads or climb steep hills requiring a stronger motor? Will you need wider tires for stability on gravel or a larger battery (or two) that can handle longer distances?
  • Modular Design. Does the ebike include the attachments and accessories you will need over time? Can it transform to new use cases as your needs change? Having access to purpose-built modules made to fit the bike can provide future functionality to extend the useful life of the bike.
  • Transportation and Storage. Will you be riding the cargo ebike from a single location? Vehicle mounted bike racks cannot carry box style cargo bikes, trikes, and most longtails (smaller mid-tails may be okay). Do you have enough space to securely store the cargo bike when it's not in use? Some longtails can be stored vertically to save space. Would you be comfortable storing it outside? If so... make sure the battery is removable so you can protect it from extreme heat and cold and keep it charged.
  • Your Budget. Electric cargo bikes are expensive and accessory prices add up, but they are much cheaper than using a car. These are versatile workhorses that can last for years and evolve as your needs change... especially if you spend more for quality components and a reliable drive system from a company with a multi-year program to sell replacement battery packs. For most cargo ebike owners, it's wise to view the ebike as a long-term investment. Get the features you need and quality that will last.

What follows is a dynamic list of electric cargo bikes. The list will update over time as new models are added, so bookmark this page and check back often if you're about to buy! You can also add these ebikes to the comparison tool, and post and read comments at the bottom of the page :)


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