High Speed Electric Bike Comentarios

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FLX Blade revisión

  • Recomendado por: $3.999
  • Año modelo: 2018

Purpose-designed electric made for extreme off-road use with a 1000-watt mid-drive motor, 17.5 ah battery and top speed upwards of 40 mph, it looks like a bicycle but is classified more as a moped. Extra large 203 mm, quad piston, hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power, which is…...

Vintage Electric Scrambler revisión

  • Recomendado por: $6.995
  • Año modelo: 2017, 2018

Una moto-bici eléctrica inspirada con dos modos de impulsión, la acción de 20 mph y opcional 36 mph "modo de la raza" para el uso en la característica privada o los rastros del vehículo de la apagado-carretera (OHV), un tamaño del marco y color. El motor Gearless de gran alcance del eje es durable y el regulador cercano-silencioso, puro de la onda de seno entrega energía flúida......

Outrider Nomad 3 series Review

  • Recomendado por: $14.985
  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

A recumbent electric trike that balances power with speed, the motor uses a 9 to 1 reduction making it capable of powered starts from rest but still hitting a top speed of 35 mph, it's the rally car equivalent for on and off road use. Three suspension points with RockShox Monarch shocks, custom padded seat with optional headrest, integrated LED…...

Outrider Alpha 4 revisión de la serie

  • Recomendado por: $14.985
  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

A high speed capable (20 mph to 45 mph top speed settings) recumbent electric trike with full suspension (three RockShox Monarch shocks) and a custom foam seat for maximum comfort, highly adjustable body position and angle. The tadpole configuration (2 wheels in the front and one in the back) provide complete…...

Revisión de la serie outrider Horizon 2

  • RECOMENDADO POR: $12.985
  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

A highly customizable recumbent trike, hand cycle or adaptive platform with electric power in the form of a twist throttle, ships with 750 watt output and 20 mph top speed, unlocks up to 25 mph. Heavier, larger and more expensive than traditional two wheeled electric bicycles but comparatively cheaper and…...

Marrs Cycles M-2 revisión

  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

A sturdy, potentially high speed, motorcycle-inspired electric bike with lots of custom options including paint, saddle, bars and grips hand built in Southern California. Optional battery size upgrade for improved range (up to 100 miles), twist throttle is simple…...

Vintage Electric Bikes Cruz comentario

  • MSRP: $4.995
  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

Un robusto, de alta potencia y potencialmente de alta velocidad de crucero estilo bicicleta eléctrica de estilo para asemejarse a la pista de tablero de carreras de bicicletas de la década de 1920, opcional PIN modo de carrera de 30 + mph. Built en un marco de acero personalizado que amortigua la vibración, pero flexiona más que el Tracker......

Vintage Electric Bikes Tracker revisión

  • MSRP: $4.995
  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

A powerful, high speed, heavier electric bike akin to a moped with limiter settings for around town use (750 watt, 20 mph in Street Mode) and optional Race Mode (2800 watt 36 mph). Popular as a pit bike on race courses, used frequently in Indonesia because it stays…...

Snelheid Cycles Leider Review

  • Recomendado por: $2.799
  • AÑO MODELO: 2016

One of the fastest and lightest weight electric road bikes I've reviewed with a powerful Mac motor and fast discharge Lithium polymer battery. Efficient smooth tires, rigid steel frame and single speed gearing are simple and durability but…...

Cutler Cycles Fusion Electric Bike Review

  • AÑO MODELO: AÑO 2015

An extremely affordable, fast and high powered electric bike with 30+ mile range and 30 mph top speed. Uses non-proprietary batteries that are affordable to replace but may only get ~600 charge cycles...