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  1. Anton Gorshkov
    Anton Gorshkov Ann M.
    How do I change my profile so that the real name doesn't show up in the posts? Couldn't find it anywhere in settings. Thanks!
  2. rubioluisrey
    Searching for our bikes
  3. Barkme Wolf
    Barkme Wolf
    Broke 3000 miles on my RadWagon
  4. Nicolas
    Currently finishing a year-long test ride of the Genze e101. Article will appear shortly. Stay tuned for the Newbie's corner :)
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    2. JayVee
      We're game for anything... :D
      Mar 19, 2017 at 12:20 PM
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  5. Brooklyn Tony
    Brooklyn Tony
    Undecided future e-bicyclist
  6. George J
    George J Wag4513
    Wag, what size Radcity did you buy? Thanks.
  7. rustygun
    rustygun Ann M.
    Ann why did I get banned?
  8. emco5
    emco5 TrevorB
    I suspect changing from the 44t chainring to 38t made the bike feel more responsive overall. No doubt it lowered top assisted speed, so how does it feel when you over-pedal the STEPS input?
  9. Matt L
    Matt L
    Just recv'd new left hip, looking to purchase a Felt Outfitter; WTB saddle should work; appreciate hearing from folks with hip replacement
  10. Rob02150
    Rob02150 Ravi Kempaiah
    Hey Ravi what do you recommend for a alternative fork for the CrossCurrent? The Suntour isn't so easy to maintain, the blue speed lock is damn near impossible to take off without breaking it.
    1. Ravi Kempaiah
      Ravi Kempaiah
      Hi Robert,
      I would advise you to get RockShox Paragon Gold. It's an excellent fork.
      Mar 8, 2017
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    2. Rob02150
      Thanks for the suggestion. Is this fork something you carry at your shop or am I better off finding it online?
      Mar 8, 2017
  11. Barkme Wolf
    Barkme Wolf
    First ride of the year. Renton to Redmond WA- @ osprey and a bald eagle
  12. Drake
    I want to have a jumpy electric bike. Is a 36v Motor good for this?
  13. jimmy
    jimmy Ciyrus 5000
    Hey Ciyrus 5000, How does one get the software? I can get the Diagnosis Tool but not the software. I have the turbo S as well. The bike mechanic where I bought my bike is not very good. I am used to working on my own bikes (which I prefer). I asked for the software and they laughed at me. I thought it was a fair question considering how much money I spend at their store. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. DarrenG
    DarrenG Court
    Hey Court, so I wrote my first review of the Juiced Crosscurrent yesterday right before the forum went down and now it's gone! Any way to retrieve it?
  15. KINGPAN charger Jenny
    KINGPAN charger Jenny
    The output power ranges from 50W to 100KW. KINGPAN's charger is complete in specification and all kinds of chargers can be customised.
  16. KINGPAN charger Jenny
    KINGPAN charger Jenny
    KINGPAN is a professional battery charger manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. All kinds of chargers can be customised.
  17. 86 and still kicking
    86 and still kicking
    eBike Reseller in the San Francisco Bay area
  18. Popeye Gordon
    Popeye Gordon
    Organic Transit ELF used for all transportation needs.
  19. Tbone
    Made a decision. It's the R&M Charger GX Touring
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  20. Rick Speicher
    Rick Speicher Ann M.
    Hey Ann, It looks like the forum is working better! It hasn't done the weird blanking thing to me for a while. Seems to be working fine again!

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