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  1. NikuDC
    NikuDC ecbiker
    Are you still looking for a sduro spare battery. I had my sduro stolen a while ago and the battery is just lying around (was a 2015 sduro trekking imported from germany. Battery should be identical to us model to the best of my knowledge. Battery had 6 months / 500 miles of use.
  2. emco5
    emco5 Ann M.
    Ann: EBR is a daily stop and I read several forums at the site. Occasionally, I've had a page pop up saying my IP addy has been banned. Jumping to another EBR forum or reloading the site gets me back in. Just an FYI, it seems like a bug.
    1. Ann M.
      Ann M.
      @emco5, we have occasional database issues still. You're ok. Did this happen recently? And yes, even I experience this and the web guy knows; he's just got a lot on his plate for EBR. Just PM or let me know so I can do the temporary fix.
      May 16, 2017
  3. Shelley-MAC
    Mac Motor is launching one very good promotion for Mac Motor fans, to thankful for their love and support. 20% DISCOUNT, very big discount
  4. George J
    George J Chris Ransom
    Great looking bike. FYI, kickstand can be extended. There is a small screw in the back to extend it. I was tired of finding a rock or stone to prop mine up. Enjoy the ride and be safe.
  5. Toby
    Toby Court
    Hello Mr. Sunshine ☀️
    I love watching your videos. Your good humor makes my day better. I wish more people were like you. Thank u so much

    Cheers Toby
  6. Jeff Backes
    Jeff Backes JRA
    Can you please explain your photo. They best I can come up with is an orca with water coming out the blow hole.

    1. JRA
      Yes, you have it right. Picture taken from a soaking tank at Baranof Warm Springs, Barnaof Id., SE Ak. A pretty nice place for a soak with the waterfall making soft noise in the background.
      May 10, 2017
  7. BEITE Electric Bike
  8. Tbone
    Finally. R-M Charger GX Touring arrived. But don't worry. I'll find something to complain about soon enough. Till then... what a ride.
    1. JayVee
      Great news! Enjoy your bike. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it.
      May 6, 2017
  9. Barkme Wolf
  10. Dick Drechsler
    Dick Drechsler
    Reno eBike and road bike rider
  11. Chris Zanotti
  12. CraftyXR
    Who dares wins
  13. ronin2000
    Its you, only faster...
  14. GingerBeardMan
    140 miles on my Rad Mini as of 4/27/2017
  15. kenan
    if you dont try you ll never know
  16. Jeff Kagy
    Jeff Kagy
    52 yrs old / 6'2" / 220lbs / no health problems but out of shape
  17. Bartbusje
    Bartbusje Court
    Hi Court

    Thanks for all the reviews!
    When is the review of the Haikbike Urban Plus coming?

  18. Rick LaPraim
    Rick LaPraim
    Ezip and Izip owner
    Hello there! We're a brand spanking new E Bike store located in Los Angeles.Visit our website for more info:
  20. Robert Hou
    Robert Hou
    E-bike oversea sales department manager of Shenzhen Ruili vehicle Co., Ltd. if you want buy Bike or E-Bike from China , connect with me

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