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  1. 605Pilot
  2. Dave Reighley
    Dave Reighley Mike in Spokane
    Hey, Mike. I am Dave in Spokane Valley. I am interested in finding other Radrover users to ride with. Is there an e-bike club in Spokane that you know of?
    It would be nice if someone could schedule an organized ride and email to e-bike owners to see who might want to show up. What do you think?
  3. Ariche
    Finding excuses to drop other things and go riding
  4. Teo fat bike
    Teo fat bike
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  5. Teo fat bike
    Teo fat bike
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  6. Teo fat bike
    Teo fat bike
    Life is a short bike ride, La vie est courte à vélo!
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    Pkcell battery
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    Pkcell battery
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  10. ROCebike
    ROCebike Deacon Blues
    I've just turned 500 miles on my RR and started having issues with the pedal sensor. I still have throttle but the assist cut in and out, then just stopped altogether. Did you have similar symptoms with yours prior to replacement? I noticed from New, that the display would periodically shut down within a minute of power up and before riding. Also intermittent. Did you notice this also? Thanks.
  11. ebikelifer
    Anyone have problems with brakes on a Pedego City Commuter ebike squeaking loudly ? Bike is 3 years old. Anyone know how to fix?
  12. MTBMatt
    MTBMatt Court
    Any plans to review Addmotor Motan M850 P7, or any of the Addmotor bikes? I know it's nearly impossible with all the new bikes popping up. But this one looks intriguing. I've just really discovered your site and currently have a regular peddle bike, but these E-bikes are really cool and as I approach 60 years old a little extra push sounds good to me. Hope you can get to it in near future. Thanks
  13. Shaun MacDonald
    Shaun MacDonald
    Hi, I am new to this and to ebikes. Looking at purchasing my first; Voltbike Yukon 750. Any thoughts for me?
    1. Dewey
      Jul 12, 2017
  14. fredi
    Waiting for my Fully Loaded, EVELO Galaxy TT
  15. Ariche
    Waiting for my haibike
  16. Jmza
    Not riding
  17. Troy Smith
    Troy Smith Chrisz24
    Were to able to unlock your EM1 without cutting a bunch of wires?
  18. BCrider
    BCrider Court
    Just had a branding question for you. I recently saw your review of the Juiced bike Ocean Current and went to see if my local bike store carried it. They had bikes there that were Juiced bikes, but were being called American Flyer ewave bikes. I called a sales guy at Juiced and he got real defensive that I was asking this question. Any info on this?
  19. Eduardo Domingues de Jesus
    Eduardo Domingues de Jesus Charles Phillips
    Hello Charles, welcome to the Gocycle nightmare. I lost 8000€ because of them, case still unsolved, I bought two of those. How are you doing? Know more folks in same limbo like we?
  20. Chris Zanotti
    Chris Zanotti
    Living The Dream!

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