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  1. george stathis
    george stathis
    Hello - Share Your Thoughts and Check Out Our Latest Release The Vintage Design - Michael Blast "Greaser" posted on thread
  2. Jmegabite
    Jmegabite RonDog1957
    Hi RonDog1957 ,

    I live in Western MA , and am thinking about purchasing a RadRover , I was wondering if you knew what the MA laws are in regards to this vehicle , is it considered a Low Speed Electric Vehicle (that would not be required to be registered) , or would it be considered the same as a Moped where it would need to be registered with the RMV .
  3. Chris Nolte
    Chris Nolte
    Excited about the positive changes in the ebike space!
  4. Brewskirunner
    Looking to convert a recumbent to an ebike. Any recommendations? Should I convert the front wheel?
  5. PCDoctorUSA
    Shopping for my first ebike for commuting to/from work.
  6. Noo john
    Noo john
    Hi,got the giant d-e bike this week,and have been riding it to work,but to day it cut out 3 time and no power. Nay ideas?
  7. anton benjamin
  8. Cary Merlin
    Cary Merlin
    40 years of turning a Crank make it time to add an electric drive to my 2016 Catrike 559. Should I keep the 26 wheel with an Alfine 8 ?
  9. Cary Merlin
    Cary Merlin
  10. Dwight
    Dwight mid drive merv
    Hi Merv, I tried to answer your question about my Evelo Delta but the thread wouldn’t let me. Yes, the cadence sensor does take a little getting used to, this is my second ebike, my first has a hub motor with a cadence sensor so I am used to the jerky motor, especially at levels 4&5. I find using the throttle on tight corners works very smoothly....
  11. ReallyGoodEbikes
    ReallyGoodEbikes kiwiruss
    Hi Kiwiruss,
    Sounds like you already got your Green Bikes, but if you have only made the decision but not yet the purchase, let me know and I can give you a great price - better than price-matching. Cheers.
  12. richgee
    Converted Jamis 26 inch bike. Three hundred fifty watt motor. Forty mile and twenty mile batteries.
  13. richgee
    Converted Jamis 26 inch bike. Three hundred fifty watt motor. Forty mile ans twenty mile batteries.
  14. Erin Kieper
    Erin Kieper
  15. david salisbury
    david salisbury
    loving the ebike life
  16. Ken M
    Ken M
    Hi, I'm 56 and just recently dived back into biking and purchased 2 eBikes in several months. Look forward to contributing to site.
  17. Budd
    Looking to get some cardio & fun riding, I'm 60+, overweight, replaced hips, shoulder, spinal fusion, etc. No mountain bike but sporty/fun ?
  18. Griego
    Griego Rinty145
    Hi, I noticed an old post you had about your chain rattling as if it were rubbing on the motor housing. Did you ever figure it out? Because I have a trek xm700+ with the bosch performance motor and my rattle is definitely the chain bouncing up and own tapping on part of the motor housing or a small part in here. Hope all is well. Thanks, Neil
  19. IvanC
    IvanC windmill
    Hello Windwill, I have a quick question about your RadWagon upgrades. Specifically for the light upgrades, Does the Wagon come with the rear light pre-wired for the light? If not, how did you wire it?


  20. Göran Bratt
    Göran Bratt
    I got my Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 6 August 2017

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