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    New Tires

    There are a lot out there with a wide price range. Here are a few: Mongoose: Cannoli...
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    Suntour suspension seatpost

    Everyone has a different opinion on which is the best seat post. There are a lot of factors involved and what works for some, won't work for all. I've tried Zoom, Suntour, Kinekt, Thudbuster ST, Thudbuster LT and a few more I can't remember. In general, you get what you pay for and the...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Pedego Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    The slow gradual loss of torque I mentioned in my earlier post is barely noticeable until the battery is 70 to 75% depleted. It's mostly a minor inconvenience and easily remedied by using a bit of throttle or increasing the PAS level. I assume this is normal since it occurs on all three of my...
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    new helmet

    Although my wife and I have worn helmets for many years, it was always for safety reasons. Last year we found these Sena X1's that are for both safety and fun! We use them to communicate up to a half...
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    Changing tires

    Carry a Gaadi style double ended tube as a spare. The tube can be changed by laying the bike on it's side without turning it completely upside down. It can even be done with the bike upright on it's kick stand since you don't have to remove the wheel...
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    Forum Alerts - Not getting them

    Most of my alerts show up but not all. I noticed there can be quite a time delay depending on your client email server. I generally check the alerts on the site using the "Show All" option rather than rely on email reporting. Some are still missed though even doing it this way. As a cross...
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    Carrying Spare Pedego Rear Rack Batteries

    Although I haven't had a problem with mine yet, it does appear the zippers aren't the best quality. They are quite stiff to operate which probably contributes to premature failure. I use this product on many of my zippered items with good results...
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    Tire size dilemma

    First of all, welcome to the forum! You've come to the right place to get answers. I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice on this so here is my 2 cents. As a rule, fat tires offer more rolling resistance than standard sizes. This is also true, abeit to a lesser extent, with smaller diameter...
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    Pedego ESB App For Smartphones

    No, like ebikemom, my serial #'s don't match either. That doesn't seem to affect the app performance though. I suppose it could be an issue if you use the app to report a battery problem though. If you need to return a battery under warranty to Pedego, it might cause a problem since the...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Glad to see you back in the saddle Alaskan! Good riding weather is still a few weeks away here in the northeast.
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    Pedego ESB App For Smartphones

    Wow! What a hassle! I have no Idea whats going on. For the record, I'm using the app on an iPhone 10X.
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    What is the most reliable throttle e bike?

    I agree with the suggestions made by ebikemom and Marci jo. Another thing to consider is the ebike laws in your area. Bikes with throttles are class 2 or class 3. If the class system is in use where you plan to ride, check to see if this class ebike is legal.
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    Pedego ESB App For Smartphones

    I agree. If nothing else, the battery voltage measured in millivolts, and the distance remaining on the current charge make the app worthwhile to me. The number of charge cycles would be useful too but it appears that is one of the features which doesn't work yet.
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    Pedego ESB App For Smartphones

    Interesting. ESB works fine with all five of my interceptor batteries. Just because your City Commuter is new doesn't mean it's battery is automatically compatible. Does the battery have a silver & black label like this? I read somewhere that it helps if you fill out the online battery...
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    "No fair." In so many ways!

    @ Credible Hulk. My post was not directed at, nor intended to offend, you or anyone else. If I have done so, I apologize. I'm sorry you interpreted it the way you did. I accused no one of being anti pedestrian, I simply don't want pedestrians to become anti ebike. I didn't say not to use a...