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    What's the Best Electric Bike, or at Least Your Favorite!

    I also thank Court for creating and maintaining this very informative website! If I don't count an ebike conversion kit from LEED, I have owned two ebikes. The LEED kit did not fit any of my three conventional bikes, but it was impossible to tell until I received the kit. LEED gave me a credit...
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    Class 1 vs 3

    The BikespeedRS has no effect on battery life so far as I can tell. I got identical range before and after.
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Bikespeed is in Germany and they list their prices in Euros. Click on the "Shop" tab and follow the prompts to select the appropriate model for your bike to see prices and shipping cost. You pay via Paypal. Their email address is
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Get a BikespeedRS dongle to unlock the speed restriction. It works very well and preserves all the display info correctly, except for maximum speed attained (it displays an overly optimistic 55 mph!). However, it will probably void your warranty. I got mine when the warranty was about to expire...
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    Haibike Yamaha display wiring

    Attached is the Yamaha service manual. The wiring diagram is on page 2-1. I hope it helps!
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    Will EBikeshare Replace EBike Ownership For Most People in Cities?

    So that they can enjoy their feelings of paranoia? :) I know what you meant, but your phrasing would lead to the opposite meaning, i.e. if people feel paranoid about having their phones with them they would leave their phone behind in order to not have those unpleasant feelings. Paranoia: "A...
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    Will the popularity of tuning kill eBikes?

    A trolley! "A small vehicle with two or four wheels that you push or pull to transport large or heavy objects on," such as our troll.
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    Rear light for dense city traffic

    I have the Bontrager Charge WaveCel helmet and it comes with the mount for the Bontrager Ion lights. I use the red one on my helmet and the white one on my handlebars. They are bright enough to be seen in daylight and they last for about five hours in blinking mode. I wish Bontrager had included...
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    How an Ebike Changed My Life - NY Times Article

    It's unfortunate there were so many haters of ebikes in the comment section of the story.
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    How an Ebike Changed My Life - NY Times Article

    All of us in this forum who have been riding ebikes recognize the writer's experience. I wonder if the Specialized Turbo Como is selling briskly given that it was the only specific bike mentioned, and with a link to its website.
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    [Tip] Yamaha PW - How to check the number of cycles & absolute battery capacity

    Thank you for the information, but as has been pointed out previously the readout provided by Yamaha is too coarse. It's provided only in blocks of 25%, and there is no readout in watt-hours. Also, please clarify. Are you advocating fully depleting a battery to 0% in order to calibrate, and to...
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    [Tip] Yamaha PW - How to check the number of cycles & absolute battery capacity

    The battery button is on the battery, not on the handlebar display.
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    Is it bad to use highest pedal assist a lot?

    I ride my Haibike AllMtn Plus on HIGH all the time. I get about 35 miles range in mixed terrain (about 40 miles when the bike was new 3 years ago). I climb many hills and the Yamaha motor has never overheated in over 7,000 miles. I know I could get greater range if I rode in STD (for Standard)...
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    1000 mile troubles. Are they common?

    After 3 ½ years and 8,000 miles on two electric bikes (about 1,000 miles on a Magnum and 7,000 miles on Haibike), no, the kind of troubles you are describing are not common. There is maintenance, such as replacing items that wear out such as brake pads, chains, and tires. I did have to replace...
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    Advice/suggestions for a mid-train road bike

    Take a look at the Yamaha Wabash ebike, priced under your budget. I have not ridden one but it seems to be a good design. I ride a Yamaha-powered Haibike and I am happy with the motor and battery.