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    (New Issues) My Experience - Brand New Stromer. 3 months of ownership, 2 months of repairs.

    It's important to avoid confusing anecdotes with real data. But when anecdotes begin piling up it's time to look at them as providing statistically significant information. The bad motor cables on the ST2/ ST2s are one of those frequent anecdotes that suggest there was something more than...
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    STROMER Accessories, Alteration to Specs, Configuration etc.

    I started a similar thread last year around suspension and comfort accessories. You might check that out for some ideas.
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    Tubeless ST2?

    I’ve thought about doing the same. Right now I have Schwalbe Marathon GT365 tires, Mr. Tuffy Brown tire liners, and slime pre-filled tubes. That’s a lot of weight and even though it protects fabulously from punctures I keep waiting for the inevitable pinch flat. I keep my tires inflated...
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    St1x tomorrow

    I got on the preorder mailing list for the Baramind Trek handlebar last year. The day it was announced as being available I ordered it. I posted about it here last summer when I got it, so the exact time it took to arrive is archived, but I think it was 10 days. I just remember being...
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    Stolen Bike

    That is such great news. There are a few articles from several years ago online that describe similar results of stolen Stromers. I still lock mine with an Abus Bordo 6500 and/ or a Foldylock when I leave it parked near the big university campus in my town. But knowing there is a possibility...
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    Stromer ST1 prototype disclosure

    The cyclleaddicts link above says something about “limited connectivity”. Does anyone know what that might mean?
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    ST5 handlebar thread on Reddit

    I saw this today. As disturbing as it is perplexing. I thought maybe someone here with first hand experience might have a suggestion for this guy:
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    Wanted: suspension seatpost

    Take a look at the Satori Animaris parallel linkage suspension seatpost on Amazon. I put one on my Stromer ST2 and it’s the best $50 I spent. If you can’t find a BF or Thudbuster for cheap the Satori is definitely worth a try.
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    ST1 X Review

    I had a motor problem when I first got my ST2 at the beginning of last summer. In the end it turned out to be a bad motor cable. They overnighted me a new one and it’s been flawless since. Here’s the thread I started about my problem and it’s solution. Hopefully your gets resolved quickly...
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    It's Tuesday, now i can tell how i fixed my e-bike

    Glad it worked for you. But to be honest, jerry-rigging wheel bearings on an ebike seems like the mechanical equivalent of self dentistry. Super glue and aluminum foil could probably be used to fill a cavity. For a while. No guarantees.
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    ST2 Rain/Water Seal Performance?

    I haven't noticed a gap in the battery door, though if I did I think I would just find some thin adhesive-backed weather strip at a hardware store and apply it to the inside of the door lip. I did notice that the downtube cover appeared to not be sealed completely along the sides. I bought...
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    Stromer recalling ST5s over safety concerns

    According to the stem can break and Stromer US is recalling 195 of them.
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    Are Juiced and Stromer the only ones making high powered commuter ebikes?

    My guess is that most larger manufacturers are committed to a motor form factor, like Bosch for instance, which offers a speed version. They are able to offer class 3 to those who want it without redesigning their line around a different motor. I wonder if one of the big mid-drive...
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    Stromer ST2s Error Code Assistance? 0X21005

    If you haven’t already, it would be worthwhile to pull the wheel again and check that the motor control cable is reinserted firmly. It’s a bugger to get lined up properly and takes a good bit of force to seat it. Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.
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    Restructuring of Stromer company results in 20% growth and profit.

    I’m sure they have considered it, but it bears repeating that the North American market is full of untapped potential for a premium speed peddled brand like Stromer. There are lots of affluent active people who would love to offset their hours stuck in traffic with something as convenient, fun...