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    1. Johnp
      Apologies a Qwic MN380!

    2. Johnp
      Hi Court,

      I am just wondering if you have ever reviewed or ridden a Qwic Performance MR380 ebike?

      I would love to get some feedback on it?


    3. Velome
      Court, I noted that in your Cube Reaction review regarding the readouts on the Bosch Purion computer that you included Max Speed, Average Speed, Trip Time. Bosch, for some reason, dropped those on the Purion whereas they are on the Intuvia.
    4. David W
      David W
      Idea for a video: after my first off-road ride the bike needed a bath, but wasn't sure about this. It didn't seem like I should leave the power pack installed (water + lithium = bad) but I also didn't want to get the connector wet. (Bosch connector is exposed metal.) I decided to tape a cloth over it, but I'd be interested in hearing what Bosch etc. have to say about this.
    5. ace20ri
      Hey @Court, love the site! Thanks for everything you do. You helped me decide to purchase a Voltbike Yukon 750 Ltd. I made a few mods that can be found in post #114130. If you are ever in the Bay Area & want to check it out for a customized review segment, let me know. With the CA3 display & new Phaserunner, your take on the performance would be awesome. Coastal trails + beaches = Amazing fun!
      -Jarius, Santa Clara CA
    6. Velome
      "Watched Forum" I can see where "Watched Forum" is but I have been unable to determine how to sign-up to watch a forum. Any advice?
      Thank you
    7. MTBMatt
      Any plans to review Addmotor Motan M850 P7, or any of the Addmotor bikes? I know it's nearly impossible with all the new bikes popping up. But this one looks intriguing. I've just really discovered your site and currently have a regular peddle bike, but these E-bikes are really cool and as I approach 60 years old a little extra push sounds good to me. Hope you can get to it in near future. Thanks
    8. BCrider
      Just had a branding question for you. I recently saw your review of the Juiced bike Ocean Current and went to see if my local bike store carried it. They had bikes there that were Juiced bikes, but were being called American Flyer ewave bikes. I called a sales guy at Juiced and he got real defensive that I was asking this question. Any info on this?
    9. Stephen E. Meeks
      Stephen E. Meeks
      Can you guys review the Green Bike USA's G5 500 soon? It looks really good for the East Coasters like me.
    10. irenewg13
      2of 2
      2 things:
      When you go to ebike shows, etc., tell manufacturers that many of we women still find 24" challenging or impossible!
      I've searched the web for ebike handlebar & thumb shift disability modifications.I can't find anything for ebikes. Do you know of any sources?

      Please consider an article on ebike disabilty modifications.

      Thanks Court,
      Irene Gonzalez , Madison WI
    11. irenewg13

      I had 2 bad falls last Oct., I tipped over & hit the pavement! 2x! I still can't ride the bike, due to elbow & hand injuries. I have a Pedago 24", but can't safely come to a stop. I'm 5' 3.5", & I can only reach the ground with my toes, or hopping off the seat. Even w the seat down, which is borderline raising my knees to high. 1 of 2
    12. Toby
      Hello Mr. Sunshine ☀️
      I love watching your videos. Your good humor makes my day better. I wish more people were like you. Thank u so much

      Cheers Toby
    13. Bartbusje
      Hi Court

      Thanks for all the reviews!
      When is the review of the Haikbike Urban Plus coming?

    14. DarrenG
      Hey Court, so I wrote my first review of the Juiced Crosscurrent yesterday right before the forum went down and now it's gone! Any way to retrieve it?
    15. Andrew Heard
      Andrew Heard
      This new ebike store just opened called Genze in Portland Oregon if you come to the Northwest come check out Genze
    16. RRDenver
      Im looking for an ebike $3k-$4k
      I'm disabled and need 1 with a throttle able to do at least 28mph
      being slowed down at 20! NO!
      Can you email me a few ideas?
      I found a New 2015 full seven haibike for $3k & Evo 27.5 jumper for $3,500
      Both slow @ 20
      1. Court
        Hey @RRDenver do you live in Colorado?! I have family there, beautiful state. Anyway, I've categorized all of the bikes that can go ~28 mph in this category of the site: but very few have throttles. Maybe just the SmartMotion Pacer and Catalyst?
        Nov 30, 2016
      2. Court
        What you're describing is more like an electric motorcycle or moped and I have covered a few of those in another category here: you could get one of the Bafang kits and make one of possibly buy a pre-converted bike from E-Rad which does all kinds of cool stuff. Be safe out there!
        Nov 30, 2016
    17. Benno
      I saw it online at M2S right now they have all electric bikes. I think they just started selling the bikes a few months ago. Do you think it is legit?
    18. DHS
    19. Mark Troncale
      Mark Troncale
      It looks like you're in orange county. I would love to know of any groups that ride there a bikes locally. I just bought a specialized turbo Levo and I'm looking to buy another bike for my friend.
    20. fvbruin
      Hey Court, just joined your community and has used this great site to help me with my foray into the world of electric bikes recently with a Sondors thin ebike. Now I am itching for my next move up and would be interested in seeing a review of the KALKHOFF INTEGRALE 8 LTD models, any plans to test one in the near future? Thanks and keep up the great work!!
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    Oct 13, 1983 (Age: 34)
    Home Page:
    Hey guys and gals, this is Court Rye! I created EBR in 2013 to help people understand and better choose electric bicycles for their lifestyle and budget. My own first purchase was confusing, expensive and frustrating... I bought online and felt like I spent too much when the bike actually arrived. I had never assembled an ebike before and wasn't sure if I'd be able to get help from a regular shop if I messed something up or it broke and I wasn't sure if anyone would ever want to buy it used someday if I decided to upgrade or just move on. It was a tense day and I felt very alone, there were very few resources at the time but one that I relied on a lot was run by my now-friend Pete Prebus!

    Given how awesome this technology can be (health, community and affordability wise) I was inspired to start reviewing bikes in my free time outside of work. I bought the domain for $1,500 and launched a WordPress site before eventually launching this forum so people could help each other. These days I'm so busy traveling and being "everywhere" trying review the latest tech that I'm not on the forum as much as I'd like but moderator @Ann M. is here for you and she's great! I'm always open to more help so feel free to message me here or contact me directly if you'd like to join in. I believe in transparency and objectivity and do my best to disclose advertising relationships and moderator relationships etc. but still speak critically when need be. Please do the same, tell the truth and help people or at least use tact if you're on the attack :)

    Just below is a video I shot before jumping into EBR full time. I was working for a tech startup in Austin, TX and using ebikes to commute to work... the bike in the video is an Easy Motion Neo Jumper and was my third electric bike! I finally felt like I had found one that worked great for me and was excited to share the experience with the world.

    As always, thanks for being involved here. Your comments, helping each other and feedback to me make this place special and it means a lot. As always, ride safe! Here are a few pics of me doing reviews, this is how the magic happens baby XD

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