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    New Amego Infinite - High Step

    I dont have extreme hills but we are not too different in size and I got up all the hills I needed to. Steeper, longer ones slowed me down a bit but no big deal getting over them.
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    New Amego Infinite - High Step

    I am still happy with it. I have 7,600 miles on it ( over 12,000 I had to replace the gears (the ones for shifting)....the tires.... I actually gave the bike to a dear friend and picked up a bosch mid drive bike, the Raleigh Retroglide 2.0 Royale for almost 1,000 dollars more. The...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Amego Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I didn’t have that. Did you try contacting Amego?
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    Infinity Control Head

    It’s very similar to this...Das Kit.... This is the Magnum controller. It’s not exact but is close enough. You can figure it out from that.
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    New Amego Infinite - High Step

    Court is least on mine.
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    Longest rides

    Rode 55 miles in one trip and still had a bar left out of 6 bars. I have ridden over 100 in two day. I was riding an Amego Infinite. I certainly have gone a lot further on my regular bikes.
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    How many miles do you have on your ebike?

    4,000 miles on my Amego Infinite. I got this in July of months ago.
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    Commuting - Quick Poll

    I agree with this.
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    Amego Infinite Unboxing

    I’m at 4,000 miles since last year and I am still enjoying the bike. It was a good deal!
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    New Amego Infinite - High Step

    Sorry for the delay...measuring axle to axle I got 110cm....or about 43 1/4 inches.
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    New Amego Infinite - High Step

    I’ll measure the wheelbase later today. I will tell you that the bike is at 4,000 miles, or so, and I still have no issues. Rode it less in the Winter but will be amping it up shortly. I can see me replacing tires this year and I do replace pads now and I would with any bike. The...
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    For those who still have both?’s a
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    For those who still have both?

    I rode my ebike over 3,200 miles since July, my regular bike about 750 or indoor trainer for about 350 or so. I am currently 60 years old.
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    More Range.

    Try this company: Pretty sure Cort reviewed these guys for custom and rebuilds too. I was going to use them when I need an upgrade. They also have a one year warranty.
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    Magnum & Amego

    Frankly....I think any one of them would be a good bike. I did get the Infinite but I’d probably be more than happy with the other two bikes which were also on my list. Again...good luck!