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    Why 8 mph at level 1

    Ride Scoozy VeeGo 750. 6 mph at level 1 is in normal mode. Might be a bit slower in Eco mode.
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    Why 8 mph at level 1

    My cadence sensing bike has 9 levels of PAS and level 1 tops out at 6 mph.
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    Step thru fat tired ebike needs hitch rack, just realized problem this creates

    This works for me. Under $150.00, weighs only 34 pounds, 400 pound weight limit from discount ramps. Bike has logged over 6000 miles on the rack.
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    Class 1 vs 3

    like Alaskan, I tend to ride in the low 20's on public roads and bike lanes. There is no sticker on my bike that says it is a Class 3 and I don't see the downside to having more power when you need it. Actually, the only time I have ridden 28 mph or faster was going down hill and I start...
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    Good Luck! Slow for me so far. I hunt in NW Ga with my son. Hunted five times and haven't...

    Good Luck! Slow for me so far. I hunt in NW Ga with my son. Hunted five times and haven't seen a deer. Almost all the pics on our cameras are at night. Won't be going back until Thanksgiving.
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    BIG rear rack for fat tire

    Kolpins work fine for me. I like that they are offset leaving more room for my pack. My crossbow with scope, range finder and quiver of arrows weighs in at almost 11 pounds. Holds it rock solid over some pretty rugged terrain.
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    BIG rear rack for fat tire

    Kolpin gun/crossbow holders.
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    Which e-bike for a deer hunter?

    Not necessarily. I have both and my quad does not go into the woods during hunting season. Some other considerations are: 1. Not every hunter has room to store a quad. 2. Not every hunter has a truck or trailer to transport the quad to the hunting property. 3. Not every hunting property...
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    BIG rear rack for fat tire

    My fat tire bike came with a rear rack as an integral part of the frame. I also wanted something wider, so I bought this from Rad and bolted on to the existing rack. Works great for me.
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    Bike Rack

    I use cinch straps rather than ratchet straps on mine. Reduces the risk of over tightening on the handlebar. They have worked just fine for over 6,000 miles with the bike on the rack. For me, they are easier and quicker to attach and remove than ratchet straps.
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    Video: Andy Reviews Ride Scoozy's Veego 750 Fat Tire, Step Thru eBike

    I also own the VeeGo 750 and have been very pleased with it. Both the 750 and the 500 have the same rear rack integrated with the frame and rated for 100 pounds. The Rad is rated for 45 pounds. IMO, the customer service beats Rad. I ordered the rear platform rack from Rad and it fits...
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    anyone know of a single only one ebike platform rack?

    Black Widow motorcycle carrier. Under $150.00 from discount ramps. Only weighs 34 pounds and has 400 pound capacity. Includes a ramp.
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    Which 48V should I get? 13 or 17.5Ah

    I have the VeeGo 750 with the 13AH battery. I only weigh a buck forty on a heavy day. Recently, on a fully charged battery over flat land riding mostly at 3-5 level PAS out of 9 I rode 36 miles and still had two bars showing on the BMS. Under those riding conditions, I think I could easily...
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    Bike Rack

    Mine is the Black Widow aluminum single rail carrier from Discount Ramps. The main reason I went with the single was weight. I was not sure if my travel trailer bumper could handle the tongue weight with a bolt on Reese receiver and two e-bikes on it. My rack weighs 34 pounds and is a piece...