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    Smart in the UK

    Hi - I know the Smart ebike has been discontinued, but does anyone know of anybody who can carry out a checkover/service on one of these in the UK. I don't seem to be getting very much power at all out of my S/H bike.
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    Hello from Bath UK

    Thanks JR. I stand corrected. Isn't it good to learn something new every day?
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    Hello from Bath UK

    Actually, the Swytch is a direct drive front wheel motor and the Smart is a rear-drive motor with an integral hub gearbox. My wife has a Pemberton which has a rear hub motor with derailier gears and it pulls (or pushes) much better uphill than the Smart.
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    Hello from Bath UK

    Hi all I have a Swytch Bike kit attached to a Marin Rift Zone mountain bike. It works fine, but the range is only about 20 miles - much less when cycling the hills around Bath. I saw a Mercedes Smart ebike on ebay and, after making sure it worked, I bought it. I have to say that the power on...