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    Hello! Northern Cal here and test riding bikes this weekend!

    You'll enjoy the commute that direction in the morning as the winds will usually create a tailwind. The route is heavily used by ebikes during commute times, I sometimes see more ebikes than analog bikes. I usually don't recommend any particular brand, but you'll want to consider your bike...
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    Hello! Northern Cal here and test riding bikes this weekend!

    Welcome! I'm also in NorCal as well and do mostly commute rides from the East Bay to Palo Alto via Dumbarton Bridge. What type of bikes are you considering?
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    Sure thing, I'll direct message you.
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    I think I found a nice used one on eBay for $350ish. You then have to buy a headset adapter that converts your straight steerer tube to a tapered. Cane Creek makes this part, $45. The kicker is that you then have to get a front fat bike wheel that is thru-axle. BR2250 by DT Swiss ($200). Not an...
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    Ok, no worries. A while back I upgraded to a RockShox unit after having some of the same issues that you describe with your RipcurrentS. My stock Mozo fork kept loosing air and it seem to have seized up. After installing the RockShox fork, I dissected the stock fork and found that is was packed...
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    Is it a fat bike fork? I have a spare that came off my HF1000. I'll send it to you if you want to cover the shipping.
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    Anyone has had problems with Juiced customer support?

    They have improved from previous years. I found they were a lot more responsive during my last customer support ticket. Specific to the situation you describe, Juiced Bike likely has a limited supply of spare parts for each model of bike. I’m guessing any spares that exist are manufactured and...
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    Companies that make the best components

    It would be interesting to see how these brands map out in terms of actual or perceived value. For example, I can agree that I like Magura brakes, but paying $27 for a set of pads gets a little old when you ride as much as I do. The only category ranking I'd probably disagree with is the Forks...
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    Stan's sealant

    I run standard tubes with sealant. It works for small to medium punctures.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    The top cap is the plastic piece on the head of the battery that holds the power button and discharge port. The top cap also has a molded hole that receives the locking pin from the lock cylinder when the battery is mounted in the frame. Early wide format batteries have a lock receiver hole that...
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    Bike Rack

    It's outside your preferred budget, but a 2" super duty rack by 1up is a great option. I just got rid of my Thule in favor of a 1up due to its compact setup. The other option is to get a motorcycle rack from Harbor Freight, but...
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    Juggernaut Ultra FS

    I think for most riding conditions, Tektro Dorados are very good brakes for the price point. If you ride your bike over over 30mph regularly upgrading to big rotors and 4-piston design helps with providing more braking power and modulation. Magura MT5 is what I eventually did on my fat bike. I...
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    Watt Wagons Ultimate Commuter Pro

    I've been following this thread and although I'm not in the market for a bike currently, the price point seems to be spot on and appropriate looking at the various components being used. I myself took a Juiced Bike HF1000 and turned it into my version of the ultimate daily commuter. I'm almost...
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    Chain stretch

    I have a Bosch Performance Speed motor that powers my Haibike. I'm currently on my second chain and have been able to get 2500 miles. I usually ride the bike on long flat stretches of road on Turbo. The other wear item I've changed is the 11t and 13t rear sprocket also ever 2500 miles. The two...
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    Preventing/overcoming flats in the Rad Rover

    Tire liners and sealant. Always bring a spare tube and related tools to do a change in the field. I’ve learned that co2 is your friend in addition to a hand pump. However one of the most important things when preventing flats is to not ride in the gutter of the street where debris collects.