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    Go For $$ Or Not?

    I had the same problem with my $75 Pacific mountain bike, along with the problem of it throwing me over the handlbars onto my chin. You don't see cruisers in the charity resale shop, except single speed rust piles from the fifties. The hand numbness was better with my wrists parallel to the...
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    Hub Motors or Single Shafts?

    Yeah, the electric scooter parts motor is just what I was warning you about. The sprocket is nice, but what keeps the chain on it when the motor pulls? That part is all left up to you. Totally incompatible with a derailleur, which the takeup of which would feed slack to the sprocket to ensure...
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    Go For $$ Or Not?

    I'd say a suspension front & rear is worth paying for. Big wheels are much more comfortable over bumps, I'm short so I use 26" but 700 mm is available for tall people. Buy an aluminum frame that fits, not that posts in the air mini. Hydraulic brakes, not worth it IMHO. Takes special tools to...
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    Hub Motors or Single Shafts?

    Direct drive could last longer, but the $189 are so cheap probably the bearings are ****. The good news, the bearings in my ly100048v have an industrial part number and can be bought for replacement at a real industrial supply house. Geared hubs have gears, which will wear out. They will get me...
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    Aloha from San Clemente, CA

    Welcome to the site. As you can see left I do most of my shopping off of my ebike. Biggest load so far was a 6000 BTU air conditioner.
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    Hello Ebike Friends

    Welcome to the website. I may bike over to your Amtrak station if I ever decide to take the bike to Pennsylvania or the western parks loop. Cinci is closer than Indi. People are really different. My bike matches the green reflective construction vest I wear, and if it came with glow-in-the-dark...
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    Who's ebike riding could ALL be done on a regular bike?

    The best way to dump the weight on a bike is ride a heavy one some distance. I lost 40 lb off my waist & hips with a unpowered 85 lb MTB + baskets. Another 10 lb of lard off with this 75 lb aluminum cargo bike. I don't use the motor in the flat unless the wind is high; I use it up many of the...
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    custom wheel lacing?

    I've looked at a lot of hub motors on the internet. Your choices are 32 holes and 36 holes. To get a blank undrilled hubmotor you'd have to speak Mandarin. Maybe Em3EV in HK could negotiate something for you, but you'd have to make it worth his while. 28" rims are out there, more common is...
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    Diggin e bikes

    Welcome to the site. You have some hills right outside of town don't you? Been there on a rail excursion decades ago.
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    Who's ebike riding could ALL be done on a regular bike?

    I did my commute to the summer camp without electricity for 10 years. It's not easy and my pulse got up to 144 bpm on some of the hills. But the winds are picking up earlier with global warming and a 5.7 hour ride at 120+ bpm at 96 deg F was not fun. With electricity I now get to control how...
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    Thanks for adding also

    Welcome to the website. I looked up Suffolk NY in the Rand Mcnally atlas. Out on Long Island between Mastic Beach and Baiting Hollow? I hope you have lots of rural roads to ride on out there. A romantic novel places a famous dock with a green light on the end out there somewhere.
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    Newbie From St. Peters, MO

    Welcome to the website. Happy shopping.
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    What top speed to get?

    Due to being delayed by an afternoon thunderstorm, I rode home at average 11 mph today. With a lot of time at 15-18 mph, a full suspension would have been a real bonus. With 2" tires it was rough. I usually ride about 9 mph and that is a lot different. Full suspensions really run the cost of...
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    Looking for an e-bike that can help me go car free

    I ride in snow all the time with 2" x 26" tires. THe bike doesn't float on top of the snow, it punches through the snow to the pavement. What keeps me off the road is glare ice after a thaw, or caused by city snow removal that piles the stuff up in the bike lane. WIth global warming I didn't...
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    Commuter / all around-er choice

    In Washington state you have a lot of selection available from local shops. I'm sure you can decide between these models. Off road on decent trails, a 1.75" or 2" diameter tire helps smooth out the gravel and ridges. 26" wheels or bigger with knobby tread also help with climbing over mud...