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    FEWER flat tires please!

    Goatheads are my favs
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    New Special Edition Sondors Fold X and Fat X - Limited to 100

    Previous Sondors could be made to go over 20mph with a different controller and display. The fastest I got mine was 26mph
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    surface 604,no parts

    Wouldn't buy Surface604 right now
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    Trump Tariffs: +25% all China bikes and Components to USA. Market disruption for sure

    I am all for it if it aids towards the prevention of U.S. intellectual property theft. 1 in 5 U.S. companies say that China has stolen their IP in the past year.
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    You see them listed on Craigslist all over the place. I don't have experience with them but it looks like a generic fat bike imported and rebranded like many others. The real question is how good their support is if you decide to go this way
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    Question for Commuters: Buy an extra charger?

    Exactly! For a majority of people, they don't over think this. They just charge their battery when it needs to be charged and then use it. Yes, there are a lot of things you could do to prolong your battery life but for most, the hassle is not really worth the effort. The only rule I follow...
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    Seattle area bike shops that work on ebikes?

    PIM ebikes in Ballard does work on other brands
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    Question for Commuters: Buy an extra charger?

    For piece of mind and convenience I would do it.
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    750 watt vs 500 watt motor

    Power = battery voltage x controller amps. That gives a true indication of power not necessarily the motor wattage. So if you have a 500w motor and 750w motor and both are running a 48v battery and stock 20amp controller they are essentially putting out close to the same wattage most of the time.
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    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    I was a survival instructor in the military so I think I might know a thing or two about a thing or two. Plus I go off the grid in South America for at least a month every so often when I get the itch.
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    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    It has happened a few times. I'm like MacGyver. I get it sorted out
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    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    Nothing. I leave everything to chance and I go deep into the wilderness
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    Bam Power being sued by Rad Power

    The copyright notice on Rad's website prohibits others from duplicating images, content, text and/or other creative elements on the website. Copyright laws protect intellectual property from theft and this is clearly theft of that content.