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    Trouble with OceanCurrent Setup - Front Wheel Doesn't Fit

    RESOLVED Really had to torque the fork dropouts to get it into the axel pin. It's riding smooth though now. Sweet bike!
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    OceanCurrent Fenders

    Hey Guys I'm looking at the OceanCurrent, which does not come with stock fenders. Does anyone know which size/type would fit it? Thanks
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    Next Ocean Current Upgrade?

    I'd like to know this as well. I love the look and styling, but hate to buy outdated tech!
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    Bosch Powertube

    Wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to when Electra will start incorporating the Bosch Powertube. The Townie Go would look awesome with an integrated battery in the downtube. Hoping the new models will have this feature.