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    Pedego DAPU mid Motor

    This might not be the right thread for your question. The display on the mid-drive Pedego City Commuter is the same as on the hub drive version and on most Pedegos, so I doubt it’s the same as on your non-Pedego. In case I’m wrong, changing the tire size on most Pedegos is easy. You hold the...
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    How do I raise my Haibike handlebar 2"?

    One thing I don’t remember seeing mentioned is that you need to be aware of how much slack you have in your wires and cables. I’ve installed a number of stem risers and/or adjustable stems on ebikes, and sometimes, the wires or cables need to be extended.
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    E-Bikes not welcome @ CicLAvia Hollywood August 18?

    I communicated with Ciclavia about this a few years ago. They said it had to do with their insurance. We went anyway and rode with our power turned off, which they said would be fine, but others rode with their power on. No one seemed to care.
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    Accell sells Izip brand

    Recently, my wife told me she heard the Simi Valley office was finally going to be shut down. I’m not sure where she heard it, but we live in Simi, so it could have been anywhere.
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    Pedego Interceptor Kickstand

    Interesting hack! It looks like you have a Platinum Interceptor. The added height of the Platinum’s suspension fork can make an issue like yours a little worse than on standard Interceptors.
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    Pedego DAPU mid Motor

    FYI, the Pedego Conveyor comes with a Brose motor and belt drive, which is extremely smooth, and the Pedego Elevate comes with a Shimano motor. My wife and I are Pedego dealers, and she loves the Conveyor so much, she chose it as her personal bike. She leads all of our group rides on it. If you...
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    Platinum Interceptor Throttle Issue

    Glad you and your bike are ok! There have been some issues with a few bikes. Contact your local dealer for a fix, or Pedego HQ if you don’t have someone local.
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    Break calipers too wide for hub motor

    By this, do you mean that the brake rotor is too close to the hub motor for the caliper to fit between them? I hear this is a common problem. There are spacers available that fit under the rotor to make more room. You might need longer bolts. Sorry, I haven’t done this so I don’t have a part...
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    Mid-drives with throttle/trigger?

    There is a mid-drive version of the Pedego City Commuter that comes with a throttle. Throttles on mid-drives are a unusual, because Europe doesn’t allow throttles and many mid-drives are designed for the European market. Bosch, I hear, is *very* anti-throttle. Throttles on 28mph bikes are even...
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    New to the ebike world and would love your opinions!

    I’m a throttle guy with knee problems, and I highly recommend them, but they’re not absolutely necessary, unless your problems are very severe. Full disclosure, I’m a Pedego dealer, so I’m biased, but I try not to be a total fanboy. Having said that, here are a few reasons for the Pedego. One...
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    Looking for an e-trike

    If I remember correctly, you said your wife is 330 lbs. that will rule out a lot of options. If you decide to exceed a trike’s weight limit, try to stay on top of your spoke tension, especially if riding on anything beside smooth pavement. It sounds like you’ve ruled out Pedego. I’m a Pedego...
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    Strapping stuff to the rack—ROK straps

    I’ve been meaning to try ROK. I usually use Monkey Fingers adjustable length bungees and am happy with their versatility.
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    How fast can you charge the battery?

    Charge rates are like discharge rates, and going higher might stress the battery and reduce its life. The question is how high can you go without a significant negative impact. I hear 0.7 to 1C for charging, but shouldn’t that vary, just like safe discharge rates, depending on the cells’ specs?
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    New City Commuter Motor

    Your LBS “thought” $1000? Seems like they made a bad guess. Sometimes, an LBS will quote high, in case they run into something they didn’t anticipate, especially if they’re a non-electric store asked to work on an ebike, but that’s double. The MSRP for a rear wheel assembly, including the...
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    Looking for upright bike with wide tires

    I’m a Pedego dealer. FYI, the Ridge Rider has a standard MTB riding position, but we have added stem risers, adjustable stems, and/or street bars for customers to provide a more upright riding position. The Trail Tracker fat tire bike is available in a Gorilla Edition which has beach cruiser...