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    For Sale: Juiced Ripcurrent S 52V, Washington State, $1800

    Realized Juiced was having a $200 off sale and dropped my asking price $200
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    For Sale: Juiced Ripcurrent S 52V, Washington State, $1800

    Almost new Juiced RipCurrent S, fat-ebike. Has exactly 20 miles on it. Includes the Abus frame bag, two extra tubes, Giro helmet and gel gloves, and extra daway seat. I bought them for: Bike $2500 Frame bag and tubes: $50 Giro Verce MIPS (genuine, from Giro direct) $55 Giro Strada Massa glvoes...
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    Battery charging times Charging is uniform until the battery reaches a high level of charge, and the charger then switches to "trickle charge". This rate is 2 amps of current. The trick then comes in converting volts to Ah (charge...
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    New Juiced CCS2 Crosscurrent s 2 followup

    I had that issue in the beginning, I just had to rotate the ergo grips up so my forearms and wrists formed a straight line. In the stock configuration my wrists were bent up 45 degrees, which cause pain and numbness.
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    Saw lots of ebikes the past few days and a jerk on an A2B

    Nobody can stop the e-bike train now, but now that 20+mph is in the realm of average people off the street instead of just people who cycle regularly, cities need to start adding speed limit signs to their multi-use trails. I agree, e-bike or no, 20mph is too fast, and some bike cops at trail...
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    Juiced CCS2 Size question

    I'm 6'4 and they only had an L available when I bought my CCS. I have the seat almost all the way up, but I haven't had any problems with the handlebars being too close. It seems perfectly comfortable to me. I'm sure an XL would be, too.
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    Charging to 80% without a Satiator

    Let's not forget that a 1000Wh pack has the same amount of potential energy as 1.89lbs of TNT. I'll take my 2A charge rate and call it a day.
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    eBikes? Or eMopeds?

    Not if they are so underpowered that 30 is their max speed to avoid regular moped/motorcycle regulations. If they are just electric mopeds that can go 50, yes. Otherwise you'll be more limited that an ebike. No trails, no bike lanes, etc. Personally, on my CCS my max speed is 33mph, just enough...
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    Nashville is banning electric scooters after a man was killed.

    Sounds like the city let things get out of hand, somebody died, and they faced too much public pressure than would allow them to accept the new proposals and allow the companies to continue. With no regulations by the city to hold companies responsible for things like 1) Having a certain number...
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    who makes this bike rack?

    I added a Curt rack to my tiny hatchback in about an hour, if you have the slightest bit of mechanical aptitude I would recommend it. They're well designed and bolt directly to the frame, and add a lot of utility to your vehicles. The irony is my hachback comes with lights and a rack in Europe...
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    Biking is painful: e-biking is NOT

    You may as well say that any form of exercise is "painful" with that argument. You may not realize that cycling is split into two camps - transportation, and exercise. And people can take pleasure in either of those. Commuters in baggy clothes going 10mph aren't there to get really tough...
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    Charging to 80% without a Satiator

    Let's break it down for PastorDave. The vehicle for charging your battery is of course the charger, so let's start there. The chargers are rated for their output in Ah. The one included with most Juiced bikes is rated for 2 amps of continuous output, until the battery is at a certain level...
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    Charging to 80% without a Satiator

    Yes, exactly. Because it's for a "given voltage" i.e. you know the pack's charge state at that specific voltage. You can't however say "I'm at (any voltage) and I want to add 2 volts, so 2 volts is always 1 hour of charge. If you had some external meter I'm sure it's possible because it's...
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    Charging to 80% without a Satiator

    Unfortunately that's not really possible because the Ah of the pack isn't linear to the voltage, that's why I go off of the nearest 5% per my calculations for the 52V pack.