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    Biktrix Juggernaut Rear Rack/Trunk Bag Recommendations

    I went with the Ibera brand on Amazon Bag Rack Its decent and gets the job done. I like how the bag...
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    Biktrix Purchase—Phenomenal experience!

    Mid drive is preferred over hub drive nothing technical about using either. Get the bike and enjoy. Keep in mind that the bike doesn’t come ready to ride so be prepared to set it up or take to your local bike shop to tune it and assemble
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    Let's Hear Some Crazy Stolen Bike Stories

    Its defenitley not Hype. Its happening every day in every city. The struggle is real. Bike thieves are normally drug users who use the bikes to pay for their habit or to get around town. I know in Denver its a huge issue. We even have dedicated Facebook groups for Denver Stolen Bikes. I watch...
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    2019 Ultra 1000: Excellent!!

    DC Tell me more about this Clutch Lever. So you push in the clutch before you switch gears is that the gist of it? Does it operate just like a clutch should? How did you hook that up to your motor?
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    2019 Ultra 1000: Excellent!!

    I came back today and looked at your picture. You taught me how to mount my battery pack. Thats awesome and I never would of thought of doing it that way =)
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    Biktrix Purchase—Phenomenal experience!

    Yep Biktrix and Roshan are on top of their game. Im a huge fan and run a 1000 ultra hardtail. Proud to still say I have fun talking with Roshan 8 months after the purchase. He's a great dude and good resource. He knows his stuff as well. Im sure he will appreciate this feedback. He is truly...
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    Got my new Jug!!

    Welcome to the club Feliz Yeah their 2019 model Jugg Ultra's will be coming stock with Sram parts from what I have read.
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    Battery theft?

    When I asked the same questions this was the answer I got We should be able to get your unit out by the end of January. Our production is limited to 50 a week unfortunately. With that being said sounds like they have plenty of orders coming in. I doubt the Indigo page is updated and showing...
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    Battery theft?

    They stated mine would come at end of Jan 2019
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    Battery theft?

    Yep same here. I am fully covered by My home owners. Already checked into that so I have a way to replace if something does happen. Thieves count on this and gives them reason enough to justify stealing bikes. Screw the insurance companies is the frame of mind. They have plenty of money =) this...
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    Battery theft?

    You would be best to take your battery off. Bike Theft in Denver is rampant so any way you can slow them down would be the recommended course of action. Im on the Bike Theft Denver Facebook group page and you can see how many bikes are stolen each day. Its astonishing and I dont believe Denver...
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    Mostly New Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 For Sale

    Why not setup the bike and get one of these to go on your camper?
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    The Best EBike Tire(s)

    This is going to be subjective I run the Maxxis grifters and like them alot for commuting. Scwables are also good. But its hard to say what the best tire is.
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    2019 Ultra 1000: Excellent!!

    To funny I just got my Outbound Light the other day. Have not had a chance to get out with it. Did you go for the Road version or the off Road version? I went with the Road version myself so when I am riding on streets Im not blinding cards and people ahead.
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    Burley Single Wheel Trailer

    I have a 190QR on my rear so I got the 190QR Burley axel. I haven't even checked if they spin or not. I don't think they do though. Make sure you order the correct rear axle if you dont have the size that it comes with it which I believe is the smaller axle.