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    Giant Road E vs Trek Cross rip plus

    I am now trying to make the same decision that you were making a year ago. Which bike did you decide to go with. I'm also considering the BH Rebel Gravel X PW. I'm more tempted by the CrossRip+ just because it has all of the attachments already included.
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    Loud Bicycle Horn (Car Horn for Bicycles)

    Have you gotten the Juiced Horn? How are you liking it?
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    Buying my 1st eBike for short commute.

    Thanks for the response. I'm trying to find a place that I can test ride the bike before I ride. There's a relatively close place that I can test ride the Giant and the Trek bikes, but I can't seem to find anyplace to test ride BH bikes. When I look at the BH site, the only locate I find in St...
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    Buying my 1st eBike for short commute.

    Hi. I'm new to eBikes and really have no experience with them. It's been years since I've riding a bike on a regular basis and want to get back to it mostly for my health. I have a very short commute (3.5 miles each way), but it starts with a 420 foot climb for the 1st mile. I don't have shower...