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    Ridecontrol App Crashes

    It was working for me for about 2 weeks, but now if I try to open an earlier ride it will crash. No new rides will sync to the cloud. In my opinion its a pretty poor app. Hard to see any useful information while you are riding. No customisation options. I really wish I could get an Evo...
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    Giant Explore E+ 2 - possible to upgrade from Ridecontrol One to Evo?

    Unfortunately when I recently bought my Explore I thought that it wouldn't be a problem relying on the app, but now I have the bike I find the app to be very underwhelming. And as you have noted the lack of any power supply makes it even less useful. Hopefully Giant comes around, or a good...
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    Howdy from Melbourne

    Thanks! Yes I am very much enjoying the extra carrying capacity and not having to carry a backpack.
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    Howdy from Melbourne

    Hi Folks, I picked up a Giant Explore E last weekend and have done a couple of days commuting to work (about 16km each way). Loved the reviews in the main site and they played a large part in my journey to making my final choice. Im loving the assistance on the hills and into the wind...