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    Cop cycle...50mph

    In Europe if it weighs more than 45 kilograms or has a drive of more than 500w pedelec is not, it would be moped or motorcycle, the pedals no longer need them
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    Megavalanche Haibike allmontain

    in descent you will not have much difference, having a mountain climb will see who is riding the horse and who is walking with him
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    Megavalanche Haibike allmontain

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    How long did you research e-bikes before buying your first one?

    The first thing was to inform me of the law in Europe, to know that it was a 25km / h pedelec and its 45km / h variant but no longer considered a bicycle or pedelec, which I liked haibike was a mtb sduro or xduro 6.0 with yamaha (25km / h ) for 3600 euros with double plate and the other option...
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    Mtn vs City?

    There are 3 types of ebike, pure road, mixed or trekking that is used for trails and road and mountain (mtb) with different equipment, the mtb is suitable for all types of soil but is less efficient per watt, the road ebike is limited to asphalt, the trekking is not the best either on the road...
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    Change bearings Pw yamaha

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    Noisy Bosch CX drive unit

    Very good video, he changes the bearing on the other side, when you open the unit you change both bearings
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    Absa cape epic marooc.litle tricks.

    Tricks in a 800km race, 2 prepared wicks of samurai sword, some bridles, a minuscule set of keys with chain trunks, 2 quick link, 2 CO2 cylinder, air pump, American belt ,2 decks
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    Repair wheel tubeless air loss (samurai sword)

    the important thing here is the needle threading with the wick, the punch is not mandatory
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    Boy or Girl (or Other)?

    MEn, hour 19 to 24 change to Alien gender,jajaaj
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    Best eMTB motor for 2019 - 9 motors tested.

    This tests are well within the law section 25 km / h EU ..... check this using speed unlockers,other world . "one pedelec mtb can you say that the driving is equal to MTB". joke of the day The best law mid-drive TQ. If there is a speed unlocker for the TQ 250w of haibike then it already...
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    Best option right now? [Haibike FullFatSix]

    I would use it for monoplate and climbing with or without battery available
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    Best option right now? [Haibike FullFatSix]

    You can also place an oval disc with a double plate inside yamaha, there are affordable brands. NO with mid -drive Bosh. The best "ROTOR"
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    Who has a GPS on their bike?

    mi teléfono con aplicación Aquí vamos a Android, modo fuera de línea, descargar mapa país ..... fácil my phone wih app "Here we go" Android,out line,download map country ....easy all free