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    Trek Verve+ vs. Giant LaFree E+

    Sola Gratia, I think you you will love either of those bikes, especially if you can bring along that incredibly cute dog!
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    Recommendarions Welcome

    Congrats! In your area, do the shops carry other brands? Here in the upper Midwest our shops carry 3-4 brands. Seems like Trek dealers also carry Giant. And some of them carry Cannondale. I rode a Cannondale Quick Neo that was fabulous but I need a sub 17” frame.
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    An Inspiring Story

    OMG what an amazing and inspiring story. This guy rocks! Thanks for sharing it.
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    If you already own an e-bike, are you considering another?

    Six! That’s great. Do you follow the n+1 rule? Where n is the number of ebikes you already have? Or how about x-1, where x is the amount of ebikes that causes your spouse/partner to leave you.
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    Who's ebike riding could ALL be done on a regular bike?

    Today I rode my acoustic Trek FX. Nice little light weight bike with flat handle bars. What the heck was I thinking!! Although the bike was super agile and light, it took forever to get anywhere. Made it 5 miles round trip. Then brought out the Vado speed pedelec for a quick 20 miles and all...
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    Looking for an e-bike that can help me go car free

    40 miles one way? In the winter? What part of the Midwest? I’m outside Minneapolis and that distance would be a challenge in winter. Mostly because of traffic! I’m curious to see what you find.
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    Large EBike Expo, With 250 electricbike demos and over 20 manufactures, meet Court from EBR

    Dang it, too bad I’m not in that area. Lots of brands and not enough time. One day is not enough.
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    Advise wanted.

    Great idea Ravi. Renting, if possible, allows for more evaluation than a test ride.
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    2019 Ride Photos

    Wow that’s an amazing tree. Really shows the scale of it with that tiny human next to it. And google images shows the cones the size of basketball.
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    Congrats, that’s a great milestone!
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    Serious bike on bike crash. Head on.

    So sorry you lost your friend. The increase in distracted drivers has for sure changed my route choices. And my bike has double red back lights and bright front light. Of course there’s no guarantee. Side note, my state recently passed a “hands-free” law. Drivers can’t hold their devices even...
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    Congrats! Enjoy your new bike. However long it takes to arrive it will not be fast enough 😃
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    Shimano steps - is the battery and drive train waterproof?

    Great question, I would also be concerned. I can’t speak for a Shimano system but on my Specialized Vado I would not completely submerge the Brose motor in water. I got caught in a heavy downpour a couple weeks ago and got drenched. All was fine with the bike, I believe thanks to the fenders...
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    48 miles 5,000 feet, a personal challenge on Tuesday

    Wow Alaskan, that’s a scary experience. Glad all turned out well. That ride looks amazing and incredibly beautiful. And please watch out for opening car doors!
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    How do I raise my Haibike handlebar 2"?

    Great point JohnT. I exchanged the stem on my Vado to move the handle bars higher and closer. The front brake cable was too short but my lbs simply replaced it with a longer one.