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    Thrown back into indecision!

    Well I wasn’t gonna post anymore on this thread but I’m excited for you to get your bike. Is the shop going to hold it until your return?
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Wow that’s really cool! It’s about the only yard decoration I would put in my yard.
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    Cannondale Announces Quick Neo SL

    OK, so this morning I was surfing around the web, while procrastinating on going to the Y for a workout, and I came across this info. Found it while looking thru Electric Bike Action after reading the article on lithium Ravi provided...
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    Electric Bike Action Interview with Tesla Research Chair Dr. Jeff Dahn

    Congrats Ravi, that's a cool achievement!
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    Full suspension ebike

    Rachelle, Congrats on your search for ebikes. They are so much fun!! Although I have no knowledge or experience on mountain bikes, I can strongly suggest that both and your spouse test ride as much as possible. Please post what you decide to buy!
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    Full suspension ebike

    How about the other bike formula: X - 1 Where X is the number of bikes you have that causes your spouse/sig other to leave less!! :);)
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    Welcome to Disability and Ebiking

    What a cool, cute looking little bike. I google some images and that bike looks really fun.
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    Finalmente! Buying Giant La Free E+2!!!

    Whoo Hoo!! So happy for you. And that bike is fabulous. Don't know of any bike shops in my area that would send a bike over to my location. Many miles and smiles to you!!
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    How to make Vado feel more like a Como?

    Flashracer, Of course you could simply try a different saddle. Many on the market. After that, a couple other options for you: - Different stem. I switched out the stems on my bikes, even the Vado. Been using a SATORI TURN UP on all of them. It has two locations for adjustments so I can...
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    2019 : Our Rides in Words & Photos

    Looks like a a fun ride with a great group. I’m curious what the other cyclists thought of your ebike after your ride up that steep slope?
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    Court, who or what determines which bike you review?

    Court, Your reviews are rockin’ it! I’ve always wondered about the process of choosing which bikes to review. Do the manufacturers contact you? Do you try to pick one depending on whatever location you are at? Thanks again.
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    Welcome to Disability and Ebiking

    Depending on your friends stability, maybe an electric trike? I would think also be able to touch the ground while stopped. Maybe Pedego? They also have a throttle. Maybe Electra? They advertise flat footed technology. Hope your friend has a speedy recovery.
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    Thrown back into indecision!

    PatriciaK, Wow, not sure if all the comments are helping you through your dilemma. My final thought, that E+2 is a great bike at a fabulous cost. If you wait too long, some other buyer may grab it.
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    Replacing suspension seat post on a verve+

    Seat posts make a great difference in ride comfort. Most common brands I’ve heard of: Kinect, Thudbuster, Suntour, Satori. I use the Kinect on both ebikes and love it. Here’s a link to a recent thread.
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    Thrown back into indecision!

    You can second guess yourself until the the earth stops spinning on its axis. You’ll drive yourself crazy! And every new bike needs accessories. That’s what makes it unique to you. Photo of your new ebike would be great. Congrats!!