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    Conti TopContact 50 Vectran 26 X 2 tire pressure?? For high speed riding?

    HI, what are folks running for front and rear pressure on these Conti 26 x 2 tires? I do mostly high speed cruising here in MN but roads are getting worse with holes/bumps/ripples/cracks. Stromer with no suspension so those road nasties at 29 mph are.... nasty. Conti max is 65 psi. I'm...
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    Drive error DX2 ??

    HI, my ST2-S is not working today :( no electric assist and error message DX2 10002 with choice of ok or X. Also, the boost level gauge (on level 3) does not change????? thanks EDIT: I found a conversation in German on this somewhere, translated it, and someone said they pulled...
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    ST2-S rear fender mounting bolt?

    Thanks. Are you talking about the front fender mount screw as that seems to be the only comparable one? ?? Front fender mount screw looks like a good bit of work to get it off??? It seems to me that it requires taking off the front wheel to access the screw. There is such little room to...
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    ST2-S rear fender mounting bolt?

    Hi, my rear fender popped the bolt that secures it to the rear seat stays. I had a small bag on the rear rack, probably well under 10 kg limit but there were some poor roads/ lots of bumps. Note: when this bolt pops, the fender touches tire and you stop in a hurry Searching, I see a "fender to...
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    ST2-S rear wheel install??

    Hi, any tips on how to install rear wheel of ST2-S that was taken off by dealer- for transport of bike,, minus rear wheel, on external rack. After 2 hours of trying with bike upright and hanging from ceiling, I also tried with bike flipped upside down and came closer but no cigar. The width...
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    Bike cradle for inside station wagon??

    ..................................................................... That's why I always lay the bike left side down, derailleur is up so it is safe. It's just hard for one person to load 60 lb bike, laying down in back of wagon. A kids mini-toboggan might help or ???
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    Bike cradle for inside station wagon??

    Thanks Elliot but my bike has to lay down in the back. There is not nearly enough room to stand up, even with wheels removed. So I'll need to use a slide in-out tray/platform to ease loading 60 lb bike. Anyone ever crafted a helper cart ??
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    Bike cradle for inside station wagon??

    Any suggestions for a platform/cradle to use in loading/ unloading an e-bike from the back of a station wagon/ inside? Bike would be inside the wagon, laying down in the floor. I much prefer the safety/ security/ weather protection of carrying my e-bike inside my wagon. Getting a 60 lb bike...
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    How to protect e-bikes from weather on Thule Easy-Fold XL rack on long drives

    This took hours to wrap in 4 stages and mileage plummeted with Winter Storm Edna and 45 mph headwinds and torrential rain but safe and dry
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    Shipping Stromer wheels?? Weight? Which carrier?

    Hi, long story short, I'm in FL and just got diagnosed with double hernia soooo my riding is over for this snowbird season :( I live in MN and shipping the whole ST2-S is really expensive and I'm in no shape to disassemble/pack it myself. Drove down here with it on a trunk mount Saris but a 65...
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    Protecting bikes on Saris Bones carrier? Bike fit behind front seat in Honda Accord?

    I found some 8" wide clear plastic wrap that stretches 200% and sticks to itself. Maybe some bubble wrap over sensitive areas and microfiber cloth under where the bike contacts the holder pads and then...... wrap the whole bike in that clear stretch plastic. Then some reinforced strapping tape...
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    ST2-S and ST5 axle wrench? Cheap pedal wrench?

    What size wrench is needed for ST2-S front axle and ST5 front axle (bigger sized)? I will rarely need a pedal wrench but do now. Who carries a cheapy, Walmart or ??
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    Battery compartment "spacer" when battery is removed?

    .................................................. Thanks, I'd love to get the 3D printer blueprint for a battery spacer. I hate that the door stays open w/o the battery, wtf were they thinking? :)
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    Battery compartment "spacer" when battery is removed?

    I dislike that when battery is removed, battery door does not shut. I oftentimes remove the battery so loading the bike onto/into vehicle, it weighs less. Saw a "spacer" from a shop in Europe but cannot find then again. It was approx size of a sandwich and it was 3D printed to mimic the top of...
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    Protecting bikes on Saris Bones carrier? Bike fit behind front seat in Honda Accord?

    I have always managed to transport my bikes inside my vehicle. I hate the idea of bike being exposed to the elements, especially for a Dec trip from MN to FL as it could be snow/ice/salt etc. --Any ideas to totally wrap the bike in "something" for protection? Who sells that wide clear plastic...