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    Hello from Chicago - Frenchies couple

    Hi everyone! First, I'd like to thanks EBR website, YouTube channel & forum for the quality of information we can find here that helped us A LOT in making our decisions. That being said, we're a french couple who arrived in Chicago 3 months ago and who should be here for (at least) 3 years...
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    Yamaha or Bosche ?

    First 2 rides, 13 and 18 miles, only 1/5 battery bar turned off using mainly Eco / Tour modes. That's exactly what I was looking for. I expect longer rides this coming 3-days week-end :-)
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    Yamaha or Bosche ?

    I looked for used ones, but can't find anything in my size around me. I'm not a big Ebay fan for such a purchase, so the deal I found on the Trekking 7.0 sounded good to me. $1999 instead of 3399$ for a 2018 new model, that made my decision. Bought at my LBS (learning terms here...) who aligned...
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    Yamaha or Bosche ?

    I actually bought a regular bike last week (Electra Verse 24D), since they had a 7 days full refund policy (and I returned it today). I wanted to test riding in this area, see how I'd handle it and where I could go. I did a 30 miles trip right after exiting the shop and obviously was worn out...
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    SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

    Hi RidingHigh & all members. I just joined the forum and wanted to say thanks for the feedback you provide! I'm a pretty big guy too and will probably get my first e-bike next week, either a Trekking 6.0 or Trekking 7.0 (2018 models). Still need to choose between Yamaha & Bosch... I'm new to...
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    Yamaha or Bosche ?

    Hi everyone. First thanks for this topic, i've been reading a lot about these e-bikes and probably going to buy/order my first one tomorrow. Would anyone have a recommendation for me considering the following usage / "needs": I weight ~260 lbs, I'm 6'3'' with quite long inseam I think and...