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    Shock Stop Seatpost Finally Here

    $145, shipping included seems like a pretty good price but the link you provided shows the price as $229.99 for pre-orders.
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    Timelapse of my evening commute

    Thanks, great job.
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    Timelapse of my evening commute

    👍👍👍 Very nice! Can you list what equipment and software you used?
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    Solar MPPT Portable Power Generator (UPS) frustration

    I see. You've probably already thought about this but you could always piece together your own power pack with a solar charge controller for lithium. I've never tried any of them but there are a few out there designed for lithium. I actually have one but I've only used it on the "flooded"...
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    Solar MPPT Portable Power Generator (UPS) frustration

    This is just a suggestion for a possibly different approach, it might not be at all what you want to do but Grin Technologies posted this under the comments from this youtube video. " Grin Technologies1 year ago "You should be able to charge the bosch battery from a solar panel if you use an...
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    Quietkat Rancher trike power

    I didn't feel you were trying to argue, I was only pointing out that 7000 watts could equal +7hp. Looking at Quietkat's specs for the current 3 wheeler, I'd say they are probably stretching the truth. They claim "...and produces more than six (6) horsepower, which equates to over 6000+ watts."...
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    Quietkat Rancher trike power

    7000 watts would be roughly 9.4 hp (imperial). Allowing for inefficiencies in the system, 7000 could easily translate to "7+" hp. Once again, how were you measuring the power going to the motor? Chances are you didn't. Did your Quietkat have a Cycle Analyst? There are a few youtube videos...
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    Why do the Dutch not wear bike helmets?

    "The chance of being hit by a car in the Netherlands is very little just for the simple reason every car driver in the Netherlands is also a cyclist, they know how to behave." That just about sums it all up.
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    Quietkat Rancher trike power

    Was your Quietkat actually using 7000 watts? Did you have a way to measure the wattage?
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    Grease Bosch performance line reduction gear?

    Sounds like you're talking about the chain sprocket? The one the chain is running over that spins the chain? That shouldn't be making any noise, are you sure it's not normal chain/chain sprocket noise? Where are you adding oil? Have a look at the following video to see how the chain sprocket...
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    Delivery checklist for new 2020 Como?

    Great job on the 200 miles and NICE photos and nice bike!
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    How I go shopping on the Brompton eBike

    Good job! Nice engineering work placing the freezer basket on the back or the rear of the bike.
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Whatever it is, I'd probably drive it. I think it's pretty darn cute.
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    Anyone Ever Crunch a Squirrel?

    I never have run over a squirrel but have had a few close calls. Long ago riding the bike paths in the Denver area I ran over a few snakes which apparently weren't hurt too bad because by the time I had stopped and turned around they were already slithering off the path or had already vanished...
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    Recommend a bike rack for ebike with fenders

    @flashracer I tried the Como on the Kuat Base rack and it would work but would need extra steps for me to be confident. I have the "pizza rack" on my Como so that adds even more "work". You could probably mount the bike backwards i.e. with the rear wheel in the cradle vs. on the "platform" and...