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    S2 Assembly

    The odometers are both resettable according to Juiced. So no permanent odometer.
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    Aventon Pace 500 $899

    Aventon Pace 500 Sport Small Frame Black for sale Almost new at only 399 miles. Must sell...Too many ebikes in my garage. Purchased Jun 2019. Full remaining warranty. Available in Tucson or vicinity ONLY. No Shipping.
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    S2 Assembly

    Only one ride for 30 miles so far. It is a lot different than the cadence sensor bikes I have been riding. Smooth is the thought that comes to mind. Torque sensor and front shock. Fast and powerful. Everything is smooth in the 9 Speed shifting and Hydraulic brakes. The display is disappointing...
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    S2 Assembly

    I got mine last week. Easiest bike assembly I've ever had. Mount the front wheel. Charge and go. Brakes and derailleur were dialed in, operating smoothly. Front wheel needed some truing. Bike arrived in undamaged box and was well protected inside. No scratches or bent parts.
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    Trying to decide between these 3

    Ordered today. Expect it in a week from next door California. Will post a review shortly.
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    Trying to decide between these 3

    I have the Pace 500. Over 2000 miles since Jul when I got it on sale for $1260. I really like that it came in small size for better standover height for my short legs. I really like the ebike. Fast. Reliable. Good battery size. I have done 63 miles on the Tucson Bike Loop at PAS 2 and pedalling...
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    RadRunner- Front light alternatives

    Super bright light. Won't suck any juice from your bike's battery. And no cords and connectors to worry about. Light can be mounted anywhere on the handlebars and swiveled to position for maximum road lighting. Wakyme 5200mAh USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set Amazon has the Wakyme 5200mAh USB...
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    Pace 500 Front Crankset

    I have over 1800 miles on my Pace 500. Love the ebike except for the lack of 0 Start Throttle. I regularly pedal over 28mph whenever I choose PAS 5. Sometimes hitting 30-31 pedalling madly. You can also change the top speed of 28mph to 31mph in your computer menu. You must be pedalling up some...
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    Amego infinite or Aventon Pace 500?

    Amego is Definitely better ebike. Shock, fenders, lights, bigger battery for 65 mi range, 0 start throttle, solidly built 60 lb one size frame, better Schwalbe puncture proof tires, and many other upgrades. All suggest Amego over Aventon.
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    Cycling Speakers

    I use this slim speaker in my back jersey pocket. At 5W it's loud enough for my rock n roll but still allows me to hear the road. I use its TF slot so not to use my phone BT. No FM radio. The big advantage of this speaker is I do not have any handlebar entanglements. If you ride with a rear...
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    How heavy is your eBike, and do you care?

    My Aventon Pace 500 step over small frame weighs about 47 lbs. The choice of three frame sizes and lower weight strongly influenced my purchase decision. This lower weight will be much appreciated over the life of the ebike. It feels ‘nimble’ on the road compared to some of the other ebikes I’ve...
  12. R Extremely bright light from Amazon. Very long battery life. Features swivel mount so can provide straight on lighting no matter the angle mounted on handlebars. Very nice powerful light.
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    Ecotric bikes

    ‘Too small’ - It’s nearly 74in long and 37in high. Not small in my estimation. Stand over was around 29-30in. And it weighs around 65lbs! ‘Not Like the looks’ - Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder. 😀 Pace 500 comes in 3 sizes at $1399. Weighs nearly 20lbs lighter in small size. And...
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    Ecotric bikes

    I owned the Ecotric Seagull for a month in Apr. My first ebike. It was powerful 1000watts. Fun to ride. Very heavy. Only 7 speed. Only one size and just a little too high stand over height. Reliable throughout 30day trial. I finally purchased better lighter faster Aventon Pace 500.
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    Grin is excellent charger at $300. Luna makes a good one under $100. Chargers on Alibaba are usually good buys.