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    Show us what's in your toolkit

    I ride with a cell phone. Over many thousands of miles in last ten years, I’ve been lucky. No flats. No breakdowns. If I ever have one, I’m calling in support. “Come and get me.” 99% of my riding is on the road in the Rincon Mountains outside of Tucson in a loop of 35 miles all in cell phone...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Aventon Products + Help, Solutions, & Fixes

    I have Aventon Pace 500 Sport in small frame size. I like the bike. I have two complaints. The lowest Pedal Assist level PAS 1 is too high at almost 12mph. Once you pedal the required 1 revolution before assist is activated, the motor instantly accelerates to 12mph. It seems dangerous to be...
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    Cheap bikes?

    The Aventon Pace 350 at $999 is an outstanding value ebike. I currently ride its big brother Pace 500. In my early search for a value ebike, I was enticed by the Ancheer. Lots of youtube videos about this ebike. But I decided on Rattan 26in 350W 7 Speed ebike from Amazon at $735. Much better...
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    recommendations for an inexpensive repair stand

    I chose the inexpensive route for a bike stand. It was under $40 shipped. It easily holds my Aventon Pace 500 bike in the horizontal position. Very stable. When the bike was rotated to higher angles including all the way to vertical, it would slip back slowly towards horizontal position if...
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    For Sale in Arizona: FLX Roadster 2019 Model Black $1399

    Have two 2019 FLX Roadsters. Decided to sell my second FLX Roadster in Black and keep the White one. Garage is full. Need the space. Purchased in Apr 2019. Less than 260miles. Like NEW condition. Will include new Tire and Tube and Chain. Local Tucson delivery. Other Arizona locations possible...
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    FLX G3 Battery 10.4Ah - Brand New $499

    New FLX G3 Battery for 2019 Roadster or Trail Models. 10.4 Ah Capacity. Purchased Jun 2019 as a Spare battery. Brand New still in Factory Packing. Actually don't need spare as original battery meets all my touring needs. Invoice from FLX included. FREE Shipping to 48 States.
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    Ride1up range per battery charge

    Mike, You are absolutely right about acceleration and power. The Aventon 500 is quite a bit stronger than the Ride1Up City. Tested both on the same hill. Aventon at PAS 5 went up at 28-29mph with strong pedalling. The Ride1Up at PAS 9 could only manage 21mph with similar pedalling effort. On...
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    Ride1up range per battery charge

    I have both Ride1Up City and the Aventon StepThru Pace 500. I think they both have the same 500 watt power. They seem to ride about the same. The real difference I feel is Pace throttle and assist need at least one full pedal revolution before motor engages. Also the minimum speed on PAS 1 is...
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    Ride1up range per battery charge

    I have ridden my Ride1Up City for about 2 weeks. I ride everyday about 28miles in hills with over 1500ft elevation gain at PAS 5 level the entire route. Well, sometimes I cheat the last couple of miles and kick it up to 7 in a hurry to get home. I originally charged to 100% for the first week...
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    Charging to 80% without a Satiator

    As a new ebiker I have read what the more experienced riders here at EBR have said about batteries and charging. I am using LunaCycle Advanced 48V charger for my FLX Roadster 48V ebike. The cost was reasonable. Adding the FLX charger connector (miniXLR) to the LunaCycle charger was a simple...
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    First E-Bike - $3,000 (or less) budget

    FLX Trail is about $2250. I bought FLX Roadster last month. Easy to assemble using included tools and their youtube videos.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    My first photo of the places I ride on my new FLX Roadster. It has helped me over the hills around Tucson Saguaro National Park area. This is on my daily route of around 25miles.
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    Change Display on FLX Roadster (G3)

    Unfortunately, FLX says no substitute for the DPC240 for the G3 model. I am just going to have to live with it, I guess. They make an outstanding e bike. But cut some corners in this new display.
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    Replacement Charger for 2018 Quick-E+?

    I purchased a Lunacycle Advanced charger for my FLX e bike. I swapped out the cable from my OEM charger. I am impressed with the quality and features of this Luna Advanced charger. It easily lets me choose the charging rate (1 to 5 amps) and the charging limit (80-90-100%). Now I can safely and...
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    Change Display on FLX Roadster (G3)

    I like my new Roadster. But the display is not very visible in the bright Arizona sunlight. I can barely read the trip miles. Speed is a little better since the numerals are quite large. I’ve adjusted the angle of view to the best position. But I’d like to get a better display. Can a new Bafang...