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    Yes, it can be quite useful if your motor doesn't have a thermal sensor in it already.

    Yes, it can be quite useful if your motor doesn't have a thermal sensor in it already.
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    Cycle Analyst

    I've set up several CA V3's. Always glad to help if you have questions! Make sure you download the Unofficial Users Guide written by @Techlectic on Endless-Sphere and read it through a couple of times. Seems complex at first but after a while you will get it!
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    Mid drive torque sensor

    I think the BBSHD is a great motor. Fits nicely in your budget. They have had an ongoing problem where some of the motors will not throttle while the pedals are moving. PM me and I'll give you details on where to get one that has been tested before it ships to you. Then, you can rest assured it...
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    Known Issues & Problems with 8Fun Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    @pat5zero, sounds like your clutch is sticking. May need to replace that at this point. While you're at it I would re-grease the entire motor. Be sure to us the proper type of lube, and clean out all the old lube. Use alcohol to get it really clean before applying the new lube. Congratulations...
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    Maxxis Gypsy 26 x 2.1 e-bike tire?

    Yes, Excellent tire! Low rolling resistance, great traction and good flat protection!
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    Cyclone 3K + Townie = FrankenTownie!

    That's in the works. Moped rims, hubs, spokes and DOT rubber! This actually my biggest concern!
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    Cyclone 3K + Townie = FrankenTownie!

    Thanks for your concern! You're absolutely correct about needing the best brakes available! If you look closely at the photo you will see I have installed Kool Stop brake pads. They make a rim brake as powerful a stopper as a good set of disk brakes! Really! I can haul it down from 40 to a...
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    Cyclone 3K + Townie = FrankenTownie!

    No it's not stealthy! And no it's not subtle! But it is the most fun I've had on a Townie in awhile. Not for the faint of heart, this beast will do 40+mph and it's only running at 52v at 40amps now. Will be going to 72v at 60 amps in the near future! I think I'm going to need new tires! And a...
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    California eBike Battery, one year warranty

    I totally avoid Ultrafire. Mostly because I don't want an ultra fire in my house! They buy the cells top quality makers cull for poor performance and rewrap them with their logo. If you buy Ultrafire, you're asking for trouble. I build and repair batteries and I always buy from a know, reputable...
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    eBall 29"er

    Ha! I know your riding area well! I used to live on Sauve island. Spent many hours in Forest park!
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    eBall 29"er

    I like! Working on something similar for my Cyclone Townie build. Your imagination can set you free! I love DIY!
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    tongsheng 500 watt mid drive

    Thank you both for your input. I have been in touch with TS and was amazed their pricing is not much lower than their distributors. Where can I find 'Roshan'?
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    tongsheng 500 watt mid drive

    I was under the impression they did not have a throttle at all. I take it I was misinformed! You said you were not going to change back to torque sensing, am I to take it that it is either throttle or torque sensing but not both?