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    Upgrading to a larger battery. Trade in the new existing battery for a credit or just buy the new one and have two batteries?

    Batteries deteriorate from just sitting, here's an example chart from
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    Upgrading to a larger battery. Trade in the new existing battery for a credit or just buy the new one and have two batteries?

    I have a 2019 Explore E+3 and love it. No problems at all, and it's fun to ride. Hope yours is too! If you're going on long rides, Rich C's advice is great! But if I had been offered those options when I bought my bike I think I would have only gotten the single 500wh battery. My rides are...
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    Help me to choose decent commuter class 2/3 combined, optimal budget <=3k

    Hi Vitaliy, I think you're in luck moving to Seattle. Sounds like there a lot of good ebike stores up there, so you should visit them and they'll help you out. If it were me, the first place I would go to is Rad Power Bike's showroom. Rad Power bikes are not Class 3, but looking at them...
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    Explorer +2

    Mine started doing pretty much exactly what you're describing, with both a delay in the shift and also a skip every once in a while shortly after the shift. I think the skip was being caused by the derailleur being slightly out of adjustment and the chain almost inbetween gears. I adjusted the...
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    Giant 2020 ebikes?

    In some countries the 2020 Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro and 2020 Giant Revolt E+ Pro are 45kph/28mph, ie Class 3. Best to ask a dealer in your country.
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    Road Tires for EXPLORE E+ 1 GTS?

    Nice looking tires, they look a lot wider than the Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x47 I put on a couple weeks ago.
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    any other foot-forward bikes besides magnum and townie?

    Hi flipper, because you already have experience with ebikes and have specific expectations, the most important thing might be to ride the bike before you buy it. if you're on a budget and want to easily keep it under $2000, you might want to try checking out the Aventon Pace, which is a little...
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    Yamaha YPJ-K: Cruise at 50km/h (31mph)

    Prototype from 2016, looks like it was designed to be used as a pacer for velodrome races.
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    Yamaha YPJ-R and YPJ-C

    Specifically targeted for Japanese market, has a 25v motor and a 2.4ah battery. Don't need as much power when max speed of 24kph.
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Hey Browneye, a BadAssBox works on the same concept as the Planet3. I got frustrated at running into that 20mph wall (that noticeable dropoff starting at around 18mph) and bought a BadAssBox off of EBay from an Australian seller who shipped to US. Used it for a few months, but removed it when...
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    Hi, just bought my first ebike -- Giant Explore E+3

    Hi Browneye, I've had the bike for over a year now, and I feel like it's probably the best money I have ever spent. I am commuting to work with it, a little less than 5 miles each way, pretty flat. The goal riding in is to not work up a sweat so I usually ride in PAS 2 or 3 at around 15mph...
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    Road Tires for EXPLORE E+ 1 GTS?

    Well that's what I get for saying how well the Crosscuts have been holding up... got my first flat today, darn thorn. I heard a clicking noise and could see the thorn stuck in my front tire. When I pulled it out I heard that dreadful whoosh sound of air coming out. Because I was already half...
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    Road Tires for EXPLORE E+ 1 GTS?

    Hi t_h_k, my Explore E+3 also has the Giant Crosscut Gravel 2's. I thought they would wear out real quick because I'm on the road most of the time, but they are holding up much better than expected. I got some Schwalbe Marathon Plus at a great price several months ago, but just haven't gotten...
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    250W Bafang Trek Pure conversion with kit from Bluenergy

    Just to give you an idea, here's a sf bay area company that sells converted Rolls with Bafang mid-drives.
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    Bike that can be ridden without pedal assist

    @Koriemo, you said you have had three ebikes, what kind were they and what kind of motors/batteries? A lot of what is comfortable is specific to each rider. I have a Giant Explore, which is a city/hybrid style bike with a mid-drive motor and I love turning off the motor and ride around without...