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    9000km, baby, and sprained shoulders...

    9000km, baby, and sprained shoulders.
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    Battery Replacement?

    Bike is going in for scheduled inspection soon. Yes, curry Charger owner here and my über-e-bike is over two years old. After two rides this week, one mountain, one road, my battery was dead between 50-60km. I wouldn't say it's a warranty issue, although I'll be putting my bike in for...
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    Battery Replacement?

    Definitely not colder temps. Been very mild past few weeks. But there is some serious wind, like the ride yesterday.
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    Battery Replacement?

    Update: see attached pic. What's your experience with battery replacement? My 500wh Bosch battery is starting to show serious degradation after 9000km(+) on my R-M Charger GX. Where I once calculated my bike rides according to time, i.e. how many hours I need to get from A to B to A, I'm now...
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    Finally found where that obnoxious noise was coming from...

    Finally found where that obnoxious noise was coming from.
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    Finally changed my tires.

    Finally changed my tires.
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    Tire sizes?

    Initial review/thoughts on Super Moto-X replacing Rock Razor tires (tyres) on Charger GX.
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    Tire sizes?

    FYI - Received the super Moto-x tires this morning, even though I thought they wouldn't arrive till next week. Installed them right away. First impression after a short test ride in the rain? Yeah, baby. Should've done this a long time ago. Charger GX has been... urbanised. Review coming soon.
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    Changed from Rock Razor to Moto-X this morn. First ride proves I should have done this long ago.

    Changed from Rock Razor to Moto-X this morn. First ride proves I should have done this long ago.
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    Tire sizes?

    I tested the rock-razor's with different pressures at first but found them to be unstable with low pressure on pavement. After that I never felt like bothering with air pressure. I've been running them ever since at around 3-3.5 bar for all surfaces--a bit hard at times but so is the hardtail of...
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    Tire sizes?

    I'm leaning toward the Super Moto-X (62-584) you also recommended. Main reason is their wear rating--according to the dealer I'm buying them from. They are supposed to last longer than rock razor or g-one. I'm also unfamiliar with tubeless tires. Guess I'll have to read up on that. Thanks for...
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    Tire sizes?

    Thanks for info. I've since measured a bit more and you're definitely right. And now I know the significance of tire width, which had me all confused. Would appreciate any other suggestion regarding moving from knob tires to more street/trekking tires? I ride 60/40 (street/off-road) and feel its...
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    Tire sizes?

    I'm confused about tire sizes. Currently running 27.5x2.35 - 650B razor rock (knob) tires. I want to replace them with Super Moto-X tires. Will 27,5x2,80 (70-584) fit? Thanks for info. -T
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    Finally at 8000km, baby. Rant and ride on...

    Finally at 8000km, baby. Rant and ride on.
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    Recent weekender in Berlin, baby...

    Recent weekender in Berlin, baby.