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    I hate your ebike...

    Most of these observations did not age well. I love the “build a bike to pass down to his grandkids” Analog bike technology is faddish and often changing. Just pick up a copy of Bicycling magazine and look at the road bike or mtb flavor of the year.
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    Study finds that e-bike riders get as much exercise as riders of regular bikes

    I can attest. Around Christmas, I pulled my old Trek Pure out of the garage, got it an overhaul, and for the first time in years, started riding. At first, I could barely make a circuit around my apartments parking lot. Now, 9 months later, I ride my mid drive ebike (bought it in February) 100...
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    Commuter / all around-er choice

    It’s also about good maintenance and intelligent shifting.i did replace the chain on my mid drive after 6 mos- 1000 miles, but I’m an older lady who rides alone a lot and was just super cautious about not getting stranded.
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    Another twist to throttle vs PAS ebikes....Comments wanted...

    I have no objection to throttles. I personally prefer pas because I do a lot of hill climbing. PAS mid motor bikes tend not to have throttles. My fiancé says if he ever gets an ebike, he wants a throttle, and so that’s what we’ll do. His knees aren’t in good shape and pushing off from a start...
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    Is it bad to use highest pedal assist a lot?

    Sorry was referring to my rear cassette- have 11-42 on the rear. If/when I replace the rear cassette, I wouldn’t mind switching out the 11-42t for an 11-46t, if that’s even possible.
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    Is it bad to use highest pedal assist a lot?

    Ride my bike about 100 miles per week. Mostly use the turbo setting for long steep hills. I can put a lot of pressure on my knees, so this works out ok. Turbo + 42t and I can get up just about anything.
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    Single gear vs multiple gears

    Get the gears. They will greatly increase what you can do. Older woman with some weight issues- I have mtb pedigree bike, 10 speed, with 11-42t cassette and Bosch performance line speed motor. There are times when I’ve had to climb very long steep hills in lowest gear plus turbo mode. Many of...
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    What happened to my tube?

    Wow. We are having a bad goathead year in California, I think because of all the rain. I have MrTuffy in my front tire, but I still check all the time for goat-heads ( whenever I hear that clicking noise- could be pebble or goathead) or whenever I have to stop, to make sure they don’t get...
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    Just how much abuse can an e-bike take?

    Learned that from riding horses as a young lass. Remember the riding instructor yelling at me “look at the ground, end up on the ground!” Applies to bikes, too.
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    Just how much abuse can an e-bike take?

    I bought a Trek hybrid around 1997- gave it to my niece when I upgraded. She happily rode it until she crashed it (luckily she wasn’t hurt). About a year ago, she took the bike to a shop- they fixed it up, and she’s riding it again. Trek bikes go forever.
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    Just how much abuse can an e-bike take?

    I think it’s one of those things where the truth is in the middle. My local REI offers some emtb instruction, and I’m thinking of giving it a try. As a 62 year old lady, it’s something I’ll never really do, but I might gain skills and confidence without trying flips or riding off cliffs. Some of...
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    Carry Essentials

    With a pair of denim shorts, not bike shorts☹️
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    Raleigh Tokul IE Kickstand and Water Bottle solutions

    I have been thinking about a kickstand for my Lore, and it looks as if this solution might work also. Thanks!
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    Carry Essentials

    Long term, “biking shoes” might not be a bad investment. I’m not talking clipless pedal shoes (I don’t think most bikers bother with them), but something like Five Ten Freeriders . They are stiff soled, grip the pedals just enough, and protect your feet in case of a scrape or fall.
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    Carry Essentials

    A AAA card. I haven’t tried it yet but they will pick up your bike if it breaks down (counts as part of your towing miles) I carry the fix a flat equipment, but my bike finally did get a very slow leak (our thorn season has been awful) Fortunately, I didn’t discover the flat until I came out all...