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    CCX broken down after only one day.

    I think it brings up another interesting point. Consumer Reports, JD Power, and others conduct surveys to determine which brand/model of car has fewest repairs, is best liked by owners, etc.. It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of customer surveys for Rad, Juiced, Biktrix...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    Yep. What really throws me off is a stop sign or traffic light at the bottom of a steep hill, then it’s level or uphill after. When you’re coasting or pedaling in your highest gear, you don’t think to downshift. It’s enough to make you wish for a throttle
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    Class 1 vs 3

    My everyday bike is a mid drive speed with a Bosch Performance CX motor . I care more about uphill performance than speed. About a month ago I rented an inexpensive hub drive bike to ride along the Coastal Trail in Anchorage. That trail has a few longish, steepish hills. Apples to oranges, I...
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Occasionally Chris Nolte, owner of Propel Bikes, will post on these forums. Note: I bought my bike from Propel so I’m not impartial. He’s a bike shop owner with a very different perspective. He won’t sell anything but mid drive bikes, and he speaks very highly of the Bosch motors as being...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    Something I ran into today when I saw a group of ebike riders. if you’re new to cycling in general, learn some basic group bike etiquette. I don’t think this group of riders was being deliberately rude, so much as they maybe didn’t know. Don’t overlap wheels with other riders. It’s dangerous...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    This is why I don’t ever turn my motor off- I’ll leave it in eco. Leave it off, forget and start in too high a gear, and it can be tough to get the bike rolling.
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    At what Temperature do you NOT go for a ride ? {Above & Below, in Fahrenheit}

    Agreed. Went on a 20 mile “cupcake run” yesterday and pushed it a bit when it was about 85. Feels tolerable when you’re moving, but when you stop....
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    At what Temperature do you NOT go for a ride ? {Above & Below, in Fahrenheit}

    I live inland so we get quite a few triple digit days in the summer. I try to ride early, but before or after commuter/school traffic. Don’t like riding in Santa Ana winds. Even with an ebike they are unpleasant.
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    Suspension Seat Posts

    I just got a thudbuster installed on my bike, too. It definitely soaks up a lot of the small jolts and makes riding less tiring. Takes the “hard” our of “hard tail”.
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    Back to Acoustic?

    One day, when I was vacationing in Alaska, I road the coastal trail with a 9 speed comfort bike. The next day, I rented a hub motor e bike. immediate impression with the acoustic bike was “Dang, I am not in anywhere near as good shape as I thought I was. I need more gears, stat”. Definitely...
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    New Raleigh Tokul iE Owner

    I have the Tokul’s cousin, the Lore. I had Propel bikes install similar ergonomic handlebars. They also raised the stem for me, and put on a rack. So now it’s “domesticated”. I think you got a great value, and will be delighted with your purchase. The Tokul and Lore are best kept secrets. I’ve...
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    Buy now or wait?

    I don’t own a Rad bike, but it seems like the most popular e bike where I live in Inland Southern California. Some observations- They are fast- I have a powerful mid drive motor, I pedal hard, but Rads smoke me on a regular basis. They look very sturdy Their big tires are noisy on pavement, but...
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    British Columbia (Canada) Parks rolls out new e-bike policy to protect sensitive ecosystems

    Agreed. There’s a contingent of mountain bikers out there who’s thinking goes something like this : “We had to work really hard to win trail access. We don’t want ebikers to blow it for us”. There are a few bad apples out there of every type. Personally, I can’t walk very far, but I can ride...
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    British Columbia (Canada) Parks rolls out new e-bike policy to protect sensitive ecosystems

    My Toyota’s speedometer claims that it can go 160 mph. Given that it’s a 4 cyl, I think that’s wishful thinking. There are no regulations banning my car, or any other car, from areas with lower speed limits. What I think might be a growing problem are the “bikes” that have pedals, and are...
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    How Active were you in September?

    Usually ride 95-100 miles a week, but took a trip to Alaska, so my mileage was down in September. However I was able to rent an ebike in Anchorage and ride the fabulous Coastal Trail for about 20 miles. I’d highly recommend if you’re ever up that way.