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  1. vincent

    Super Commuter Version 1.1

    awesome bike!
  2. vincent

    Travel for work by truck, sometimes van. Folding ebikes under $500. Folding ebike owners, please advise!

    Good point i should have added this mariner only has throttle, it does not come with pas
  3. vincent

    Travel for work by truck, sometimes van. Folding ebikes under $500. Folding ebike owners, please advise!

    I see you are in Phoenix Arizona I have a 2016 prodEco mariner folder, 7 gears i think, with hydraulic brakes and very few miles probably under 150 if that I could bring it to Phoenix with me tomorrow and meet you somewhere and I would let you have it for $550.00 it’s a good deal for that
  4. vincent

    Radcity or Aventon Pace 500 step through?

    forgot to add the weight on the pace would sway me too in fact I will check it out for my step thru just because of that
  5. vincent

    Radcity or Aventon Pace 500 step through?

    would like to hear your feedback on whichever step through you end up with think I would get the pace because of the lbs and the hydraulic brakes is this a bafang motor? and does anyone know if it will fit a bigger battery than the one on it
  6. vincent

    Braking with both brakes?

    thanks for all the replies guys i have practiced stopping fast some using both brakes and i am not on purpose ever dong any technical mtn biking and definitely not at speed
  7. vincent

    Braking with both brakes?

    had not ridden a bike in 30 years prior to buying my ebikes I do not ride fast but when i brake always use both brake levers evenly... Do not even know which ones stops which brake on the bikes and not sure it is the same on all my different bikes anyway So far have not felt unsafe braking in...
  8. vincent

    CCX Accident

    I hope you heal quickly, very sorry about your wreck
  9. vincent

    Build report on 5 new FLX Blades

    thanks form posting all this, great info
  10. vincent

    seat post seatbag for bodyfloat?

    thanks guys great replies debating on rack and panniers or seat post bag not wanting to add a lot of weight to the bike or make it hard to swing my leg over... looks like there are a lot of seat post setups that will work see lots of research in my future lol
  11. vincent

    Fat Bike BBSHD

    I am no help on building stuff but it sounds like a cool bike love the fat bikes keep us updated on how it goes
  12. vincent

    seat post seatbag for bodyfloat?

    curious if anyone is using a seat post bag with a bodyfloat the revelate vole works with it and also the axiom oceanwave city pack12 both of these are a little pricey but I am sure they are good bags just checking out all the options before I go this route
  13. vincent

    Cordless portable air inflators

    I have one similar to that and it has worked fine for me, will do 2-3 26 inch fat tires from empty easy
  14. vincent

    Hello from Tucson

    Tucson 72 lol
  15. vincent

    Hello from Tucson

    I would like to hear more about the red bike too
  16. vincent

    Article on the Mighty Bafang Ultra

    did anyone see how much that wattwagons bike weighs? i did not on the website
  17. vincent

    I'm curious...for those of you who leave your bike locked for an hour or more, do you remove the battery and take it with you?

    I remove my batteries pretty much every time Agree the bike is hopefully less attractive without that $500 battery on it...
  18. vincent

    Yamaha EBike with most natural assist and regular bike feel

    dan I own both a haibike Yamaha hardtail and a radmini I love rad, think they are a great company but there is no comparison from haibike to rad in quality etc rad is not even trying to compete in that marketplace, it is a different thing and you cannot put those hydraulic brakes on the...
  19. vincent

    Crankset unhappiness

    That is not what he is saying, watch the video