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    Recommendations for Durable, Puncture-resistant 4" Tires for 20" Foldable

    I know some of the high speed ebike guys run 16” motorcycle tires on 20” bicycle rims for better durability. I don’t remember the details. Sorry.
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    2019 Trek Women’s Dual Sport+ or 2018 Riese & Müller Roadster Mixte Touring CX or CS

    Forgive me if this is off-topic, but since you’re in Long Beach, I thought I’d mention that Pedego Greater Long Beach is closing down this month, and you might be able to get an extraordinary deal there. My wife is 5’1” and rides a Pedego Conveyor. The top tube is too high for her, but she...
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    City Commuter Top Speed

    The current version of Pedego software does not allow top speed to be raised above 20mph. You can still change it as described in this thread, but 20 is the now highest setting.
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    E-trike selection advice needed (disability issues)

    Seems like you have most of your info right. Front wheel drive up a 30 degree incline with no pedaling will be very tough for a 250 lb payload. Power and traction are both issues. The obvious answer for traction is a reverse trike (AKA tadpole trike) which means two wheels in front and one in...
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    mid mount reverse?

    The motor of choice for reverse is a direct drive hub motor. Geared hubs and mid-drives have to deal with freewheel issues as David described.
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    Ebike with Amazon Alexa built in.

    Accessing Alexa as an info source (nav or music) is easy. You can already do that with an app on your phone, can’t you? Controlling bike functions is another matter. It’s similar to smart home stuff, but you’d need special hardware. Maybe someone could do something with Arduino or Rasberry Pi...
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    Considerable amount of E-bike brands, discounting their mid drive models

    I believe ebike demand is still growing, but perhaps not as fast as ebike supply. There are a lot of small companies trying to get in on the action, not realizing how hard it is to maintain sales and support over time. I’ve heard that Haibike does year-end closeouts, but I hadn’t noticed other...
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    bike with comfy seat and big battery

    In general, bicycle seats are interchangeable, so if you don’t like yours, swapping it out is easy. If that doesn’t work, many love suspension seatposts like the Kinekt (AKA Body Float) or the Thudbuster. There’s more to comfort than just the seat, though. Each bike has its own riding position...
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    Denver wants Dockless Scooters to use the Bike Lanes

    That’s what we do in California, except no sidewalks at any speed, and when no bike lane, the road’s speed limit must be 35mph or less (25mph until 1/1/19). If the speed limit is over 35mph, we just can e-scoot there. I tried them in Santa Monica. I didn’t interact with many bicycle riders, but...
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    Years ago, I rode a non-electric version of a HP Velotechnik Scorpion, similar to the one @Ravi Kempaiah linked. It’s a very nice trike. I hear the electric version is great, but US support is mediocre. When you said “high-end”, that’s the first thing that popped into my mind. I’m almost...
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    The Rise of Electric Scooters.

    Sounds like she might have some facts mixed up. Class 3 arent allowed to have throttles, and I don’t think a pedal assist only ride-on scooter would be very sellable. If she wants a throttle, that’s Class 2 and would need to top out at 20mph. And, of course, all classes need to be 750w or less...
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    Waiting for our rack question

    I have that 1Up rack for four bikes with one fat tire kit. I move the trays around, depending on need. I think I’ve had it about 4.5 years. Like others have said, putting the heaviest bike closest to the vehicle is ideal, but if the biggest bike has the widest bars, clearance vs the back of the...
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    Carrying Spare Pedego Rear Rack Batteries

    Nice! The clamps hold firmly, with little or no shifting? I have a friend who uses a trunk bag for her spare battery and removes everything to swap. At about 5’4”, she doesn’t seem to mind the weight up high, but I should ask her.
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    Tire balding too fast?

    It’s normal for bikes to wear the rear more when there’s more weight there. I’ve seen a Fat Frank need to be replaced at as low as 500 miles. I don’t remember whether that tire showed evidence of habitual skidding. If you’re putting on a lot of miles, a more durable tire might be a good idea...
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    Freego rear forks pull in

    I found something that says that frame is aluminum. If so, bending it 35mm is likely a bad idea. I don’t know whether spacers is a good idea, but if it is, your axle would have to be pretty long, and you need to make sure the chain line is ok. 170mm is pretty wide. Maybe a motor designed for a...
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    E bike legality question.

    In California, the bike in the original post is not classified as an ebike nor even a motorized bicycle (moped). I think motorized bicycles are limited to 30mph top speeds. I assume it would then fall into the motor-driven cycle category. These are basically motorcycles that require...
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    Question about brakes?

    This! Brake cutoffs are more important on bikes with throttles than ones that are PA only. That’s why a lot of mid-drives don’t have them; most don’t have throttles. Throttles rarely sick on, but it does happen on occasion, whether it’s physically or electronically.
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    Pedego 2019 Line Up?

    My wife and I have a Pedego store, and the Conveyor is her ride of choice. She said she didn’t notice a lag in shifting, and the power interrupt while shifting didn’t bother her. She did say that while under strain, she eases up on pedaling when she shifts. I suppose anticipation might be key...
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    Spare battery costs

    What I’d like to see people take from this thread is that you can save money by buying a non-OEM battery, but you need to be careful who you buy from. Some sellers are ethical, and some aren’t. Some battery builders know what they’re doing, and some don’t. Each of us has to decide for ourselves...
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    Settling seat post???

    The clamp looks good! Sometimes, opening and closing them makes them shift.