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    Dear Bridgestone, please bring your lovely mamachari ebikes to the US!

    The basic mamachari's by Bridgestone, Yamaha and Panasonic for $1000 are single speed or hub 3 speeds, 15 mph max assist, caliper brakes, no suspension. Practicality at it's finest, but probably almost impossible to sell here in the U.S. Panasonic has a few beautifully made videos of their...
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    Don't charge your bike battery above 80% and don't ride below 20%. Maybe, maybe not.

    I'm basically following the 80/20 rule, but charging to 100% every once in while. I also recently saw this in the Giant user manual, so I guess I'm going to take it down to empty every once in a while too. Discharge the EnergyPak completely by riding the bicycle after 15 normal charges or at...
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    2018 Dirt e pro vs 2019 fathom e3

    Hi keithd, lots of Giant fans around here, we just don't have time to post very often because we're just outside riding our bikes! :cool: One thing to check on the 2018 is the battery. Giant released a lot of their 2019 models in September 2018, so the Dirt-E might be 8 months or more old and...
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    Giant Explore E+ 2 - possible to upgrade from Ridecontrol One to Evo?

    HI Ajkiwi, don't know if its possible to swap out the unit, but the bluetooth connection to iphone/android app updates realtime. I have a phone mount on my bike and use my phone to see speed, time, distance, cadence, range on the app while I'm riding. The screen on the right side is how it...
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    A friend let me borrow his badassbox 4 to try on my Explore+ (limited to 20mph), and I rode around with it today. It recorded everything in the RideControl app the same as always, with the cadence, kph and total distance all incorrect. That's the way the badassbox is supposed to work though...
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    No Bafang used by mainstream bike manufactures.

    Here's an article that talks about the importance of ebike motors and name brand recognition. Bafang wasn't mentioned by name. E-Bikes: What Really Matters When Making a Purchase Decision
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    Explore E+ 2018 vs 2019

    Hi Valentino, I bought a Giant Explore E+ about a month ago, and am really liking it! I remember a few differences between 2018 and 2019: - I read that early 2018 models may have 3 speeds while late 2018 and 2019 have 5 speeds - 2018 had an lcd display controller, 2019 has a simple controller...
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    Hi, just bought my first ebike -- Giant Explore E+3

    Hi everyone! First time ebike owner here. After doing way too much research, bought a Giant Explore E+3. A couple of unique things about this bike. It doesn't have an lcd control unit that most bikes in this price range have, but what Giant calls RideControl One; just a couple of buttons to...