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    Question for Commuters: Buy an extra charger?

    Why not just carry your home charger with you when you commute to work?
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    York County,Pa. USA YCP Bans all ebikes on local rail trail

    The town of New Freedom on the trail is heavily invested in their Civil War Era steam locomotive. I don't think they will be too happy about the negative effect on tourism this ebike ban will have. Let them hear your thoughts!! : Another place to vent...
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    York County,Pa. USA YCP Bans all ebikes on local rail trail

    From a legal standpoint, why does a 50 ish ebiker represent more of a public injury threat than a runaway horse or an athlete pedaling his racing bike at 25 mph?
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    York County,Pa. USA YCP Bans all ebikes on local rail trail

    I last rode the Heritage from New Freedom to York and back in Sept. of 2017. I came across a "gang" of young punks on the trail in York. Several had ebikes and others were riding gas powered scooters but all were riding recklessly. I made a mental note to avoid the York end of the trail in...
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    York County,Pa. USA YCP Bans all ebikes on local rail trail

    This is not good news. I've ridden the Heritage often in the past with my MTB and was planning a trip there with the ebike this season. Thanks for the warning. What happens at the Maryland state line where the Heritage becomes the Torrey C Brown Trail? Are ebikes illegal there as well?
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    Reckless ebikers

    I agree about the satire but these events are all too real. I see it many times while riding. For the most part, other riders I encounter are courteous and obey the rules. Unfortunately, these are the folks that will be hurt the most by restrictive ebike regulation. The outlaws will break...
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    Don't charge your bike battery above 80% and don't ride below 20%. Maybe, maybe not.

    Interesting. I spoke to John last June who gave me the 92% figure. I think this is a matter of semantics. What is the reference point? Is 100% considered to be the maximum theoretical voltage a lithium cell is capable of achieving , the actual measured voltage at charger cutoff, or...
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    Don't charge your bike battery above 80% and don't ride below 20%. Maybe, maybe not.

    I should have included this in my above post to clarify. In my battery discussion with Pedego tech support, I was also told their chargers do not actually charge to 100% even though the meter and battery gauge indicate that it has. The Pedego charger actually cuts out at 92% of the maximum 4.6...
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    Don't charge your bike battery above 80% and don't ride below 20%. Maybe, maybe not.

    Like the OP, I contacted Pedego about these charging issues and was told pretty much the same thing. I was told the BMS in many batteries, including Pedego, won't allow discharge much below 20%. While long term storage below 80% is recommended, charging to 100% will not significantly shorten...
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    E-bikes for new townhouse/personal - advice

    What sort of ebike storage do you plan to use for your townhouse development? If you plan to use an outdoor rack with security locks, you'll need to provide key access for residents. Make sure the rack you choose is ebike friendly. Also consider the security of the ebike components. Parts...
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    Accuracy of Purion speedometer/odometer?

    Speed measured by consumer grade GPS equipment can be off by as much as 10%, especially at lower speeds. Accuracy depends on the number of satellites in "view" of your GPS and can be limited by topography, buildings, trees, etc.
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    New e-biker, I thought I would never go back to pedaling after owning a motorcycle.

    You may be able to get around the warranty issue if you deal with a bike manufacturer who will send warranty parts directly to you without going through a LBS.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    It's been a another rainy, muddy spring here in the northeast but I managed to try out a brand new section of our local Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail yesterday. It was a gray, overcast & cool day but hey, I'll take what I can get these days. I managed 30 miles before more rain moved in.
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    Penalty for e-mtb on USFS trails ?

    Last September, a USFS ranger came by as I was unloading my ebike in a Forest service trail parking lot. We chatted for a few minutes but nothing was said about the bike. I assume he knew it was an ebike because he watched me install the battery. I rode that day and several times since...
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    Cruiser/Upright with Torque Sensor?

    I bit the bullet and laid out the extra $$ for a Pedego Platinum Interceptor. I really like their no questions asked 2 year warranty. The interceptor is designed as a cruiser type bike but adding the Jones H bars and stem riser allows me to sit in a more upright position. It was easy to swap...
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    Cruiser/Upright with Torque Sensor?

    Here is an option to consider. When ebike shopping, I was disappointed at the relatively few bikes on the market that offer an upright riding position. I finally found a bike I liked with every feature I wanted except that upright position. The LBS owner told me the riding position on many...
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    Tern GSD vs. Pedego Stretch?

    Like ebikemom, I have Pedego Interceptor which isn't a cargo bike. I'm a heavy rider and a good analogy for me is the throttle at maximum is like a second set of legs pedaling the bike. It roughly doubles my ability to climb grades. Lighter riders will get more of a throttle "boost". The...
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    Music on my bike

    My wife and I use the bluetooth speakers built into our Sena helmets. We pair them with our smartphones and listen to music without obstructing the sounds around us.
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    Pedego ESB App For Smartphones

    The ESB Facebook feature is used to share ride information with others. It is optional and as ebikemom says, a Facebook account is not required to use the app.
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    Some thoughts on where to stay

    I usually take 4 or 5 multi day bike trips every year. I'm a member of the Choice Privileges program and usually stay at one of their branded hotels. I've made several hundred stays in these hotels mostly in the northeast and mid Atlantic states over the last 30...