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    For Sale in Arizona: FLX Roadster 2019 Model Black $1399

    Have two 2019 FLX Roadsters. Decided to sell my second FLX Roadster in Black and keep the White one. Garage is full. Need the space. Purchased in Apr 2019. Less than 260miles. Like NEW condition. Will include new Tire and Tube and Chain. Local Tucson delivery. Other Arizona locations possible...
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    FLX G3 Battery 10.4Ah - Brand New $499

    New FLX G3 Battery for 2019 Roadster or Trail Models. 10.4 Ah Capacity. Purchased Jun 2019 as a Spare battery. Brand New still in Factory Packing. Actually don't need spare as original battery meets all my touring needs. Invoice from FLX included. FREE Shipping to 48 States.
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    Change Display on FLX Roadster (G3)

    I like my new Roadster. But the display is not very visible in the bright Arizona sunlight. I can barely read the trip miles. Speed is a little better since the numerals are quite large. I’ve adjusted the angle of view to the best position. But I’d like to get a better display. Can a new Bafang...
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    First Time E-Bike Rider From Tucson Arizona

    I have been a road bike rider since 1988. I started riding to get exercise and lose weight that as a desk bound 40 something guy needed. Riding was my passion for 25 years until my arthritic knees just wouldn’t pull me up the hills anymore. My Trek carbon road bike has sat in the garage for 6...