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    Win 10 grand, name GM's ebike!

    Not really an inspiring name :)
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    Motor lock, to block your bike electrically

    I have to agree that a kill switch would be a great safeguard for an ebike. It still wouldn't prevent thieves to steal the bike though which is the main issue. Multiple layers with a lot of alerts is what I am going for. I am buying an e-bike tracking package with movement alert, geofence etc. I...
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    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    I will take it into consideration. Everyone basically says the same thing that I should use multiple locks and anti-theft methods. I am even considering a bike locker and I will make sure to remove the battery when I park it for the night for good measure. Thanks for the sound advice.
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    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    I didn't want to make a new thread for this, I hope asking it here is fine. I am about to buy my ebike but small two-wheeler theft is rampaging through the UK right now and I don't feel like paying a few thousand pounds for an ebike only to have it stolen. I am also tight on budget but I want...
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    An ebike and road bike were stopped at a traffic light ...

    I love reading stuff like this. We need positive human interaction and a nice dialogue for our soul and this is one of the reasons why I love most of the bikers. We are a colorful bunch for sure but most of the biking community are relaxed people who like to have a nice ride and a casual...
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    Talk about throttle assist

    I would love one for commutes :p Jokes aside, that is some serious engineering, kudos to people involved. It is not easy to keep a small and light vehicle like an e-bike intact at those speeds. Also yea how the hell did he stay on that thing at 300+ km
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    Redundant regulation Arlington VA

    This is wrong and concerning on so many levels. My home country implemented similar laws and applied taxes so fewer and fewer people own e-bikes. It is like people are against healthy habits and eco-friendly vehicles - Dumb people to be specific -
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    Cycling as therapy for autism

    Wonderful story, as a father myself, you guys put a smile on my face. I will buy a bicycle for my daughter as soon as she is old enough too. I want her to have healthy habits like cycling. Best of luck to you and your son.
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    Win 10 grand, name GM's ebike!

    So is the name announced? Can't open the website for some reason.
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    I hate your ebike...

    Long and interesting read, definitely funny at times. Thanks for the link :D
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    E-Bike for family fun at the beach

    There are a few great models here: I think TERN GSD might be suitable for your needs.
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    Did it!

    Congrats, enjoy your new e-bikes!
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    What's under your Christmas tree?

    I got a nice Ipad which I needed for work. You can say I was happy :)
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    Ebikes aren't cheap; Cheaper than monthly Rx's and Gym Membership

    Great story, I bought an ebike for health reasons too. I was getting fat to the point of obesity and had to do something about it and since I didn't really have time to visit a gym, I thought getting a bicycle would be a good idea. A co-worker told me to get an ebike and that was the best...