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    Adding a battery

    I would like to add an additional battery to increase the range of my Ecotric E-bike. It has a 36V 12 Ah battery. The plan is to mount the additional battery on the rear rack. Do I just connect it in parallel with the frame mounted battery ? How about charging ? Do I need to buy an additional...
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    Replacement pads for Ecotric 160 mm Tektro disc brakes

    I figure the pads on the bike I will receive in a few days will be low budget, as is the bike. Looking for quality replacement pads and figured someone here could recommend some.
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    Stan's sealant

    Have a fat tire bike on the way here. I just ordered two tubes with removable cores. How much of Stan's (or other brand) sealant should I put in each tube. Instructions say 3-4 oz, but that doesn't seem like enough. Comments appreciated.
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    Ecotric on Amazon

    Considering this fat tire even though it's called 500 w, with a 36v 10ah battery. I emailed them through Amazon ( E-Go Bikes) and asked if the bike could be upgraded to 48v battery and appropriate controller. They advised against it. They were prompt with their response. $969. Comments ?
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    Breeze on Amazon

    I 'm considering this 48v sold by SafeCastle. $1188 on Amazon. However, in the Safe Castle description on their website sometimes it's referred to as the "Breeze" and sometimes as a "Radrover" ! I emailed them a couple of days ago for clarification and have yet to receive a response. With all...
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    First ride on an E-bike

    I rode an Emojo Lynx Plus yesterday and was impressed. Rode in the parking lot of a local dealer. Why isn't Emojo listed under brands on this forum ?
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    No Emojo

    Scanning the brand specific threads I don't see Emojo listed. One of the two local bike shops in the small town I live in sells Emojo bikes, which is a plus in my opinion.
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    New to electric bikes

    I haven't owned a car since 2004. Originally from Ohio, I've ridden in sub zero temperature to and from work. Here in Arizona I've ridden in 100+degree. I'm now retired and have two Trek bikes. A 2005 7300 hybrid for commuting and a 420 for exercise. I have the tools and do all my own...