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  1. jwt355

    Burley Single Wheel Trailer

    Well I went and did the deed today. REI is having their big sale where you can take 20% off one Item. I bought the Burley Coho XC for my Ultra. I will now be able to haul all my gear in the cart instead of trying to cram it all on my bike. Soon as I get the cart I will take some shots of how it...
  2. jwt355

    Creating Options with the Biktrix Ultra 1000

    So I got my ultra 1000 back in July. Bike has been fantastic but I wanted to be able to cruise the city streets and take it off road on the trails without to much fuss. This is where the Ultra shines. I bought my Ultra with the 29 inch wheels and the Wren Front suspension along with the 4...
  3. jwt355

    2018 Juggernaut Almost completed

    So Ive had my bike now since around beginning of July I was on 2 weeks vacation in Washington State so I didn't have alot of time with it till I got back. Today I received my 48v 21ah battery and rear rack and my mud guards. (Thanks Roshan) Took some photos tonight when I got it done it was...
  4. jwt355

    Clearing up some misconceptions for new or customers considering buying a bike online

    So I have learned a few valuable lessons lately with buying a new Ebike online. 1. Dont take your Neck off while your bike is hanging in a stand. If you do you will have your front fork drop out and all the pieces go everywhere. Yep that happened. =) 2. If your buying a bike online and its...
  5. jwt355

    Wheel to tire size

    So I was at the shop talking to the Techs at Source Bicycle. I told them I had Schwable Big Apple plus 29x2.0 Tires and wanted to put them on the stock Biktrix 29x3 inch rims. They said they would not recommend it. So my question is it doable? Will the ride suck? I spent 60$ on these tires would...
  6. jwt355

    Juggernaut Ultra Kickstand

    Anyone found one that works better? I am not a fan of the stock. I got one of those double leg ones but that won't work on our bike. Need something thats not going to bounce around and something that can mount to our frame. Thank you in advance.
  7. jwt355

    SPOT Trace Tracker

    Just went all in on SPOT Trace Satellite tracker for my new bike. Its fairly small but will have to work out where to mount it at. I went with this because its Satellite and not just GPS. Which means I can track it anywhere even if no GPS signal. 99$ plus about 20 per month plan. It is a...
  8. jwt355

    Best Lock for Ebikes

    New to this Ebike stuff and all of the stuff online about bike theft has me a bit sketched out about locking my bike up. So I was hoping to hear from you all which Lock or Lock combinations do you use that you feel has deterred theft of your bike? I have great home owners insurance and I have...
  9. jwt355

    Biktrix battery connector?

    Looking to find out what connector plug the Biktrix batteries have for charging? Anyone use a Luna advanced Charger to better regulate your voltage so you can get more life out of your battery? Im researching and could use some user experience on this. From what I am hearing if I charge the...
  10. jwt355

    Will these tires work on my Biktrix 29x3 inch wheels Looking for some road tires that are good rollers for when I commute would these work good? Anyone have experience with them? I opted for the upgraded 29x3 inch wheels. Thank you in advanced.
  11. jwt355

    Proud new Owner

    Well after very careful consideration and lots of reviewing of Bikes I dropped the funds on a Juggernaut Ultra 1000 - 48V 20Ah / Wren Inverted Suspension Fork / 1000W