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    ST1 Wheel Nut Torque

    I thought I'd post this as an FYI .. There are discrepancies between the Black BMC /Stromer Operating manual and markings on the bike with regards to torque on the front wheel nut and seat post ... and more : The manual states 25 Nm for the Front Nut, the nut is Marked 20 Nm ( This was...
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    Security Screws ?

    Hi All, Has anyone found a source for high security screws and nuts for the seat bracket and seat post ? My searching has only found companies requiring a min $100 purchase or 100 pc boxes of screws. Regards, Alex
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    Battery Box Button

    There are many features to an ST1 that warrant understanding, I did not consider the BBB to be one of them .. However ... Just in case someone else ever has this problem ... When installed the battery this morning and closed the compartment, the black battery-box opening button went flying...
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    ST1 Tire Pressure ?

    Hello, Into my second week with a new Elite - Nice Ride !! My dealer suggested 50 PSI, the manual states " stay within the pressure range marked on the tire " which is 30 - 55 PSI .. BUT : Can anyone else give recommendations for tire pressure for this bike ?? OffTopic : I purchased the...
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    ST1 Elite above 20 mph ?

    I am considering the Elite over the Platinum mainly due to the warning sticker : This is an Off-Road Vehicle, not to be operated on public streets, roads, or highways. Riding on public streets, roads or highways can or may result in legal fines, injury and/or death. ! Yes, it can be removed...