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    Almost all the forks are thru axel. Finding one that can handle and axel with nuts is the problem
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    Thinking of changing the RST fork. The Wren would be overkill for my riding. Any suggestions as I need one that can handle the axel. Thanks
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    Car rack carrier for Biktrix Juggernaut

    Most Biktrix owners are on the Facebook group. I have the following rack. It’s not cheap, but it works real well. Driving 200 miles with it today, so I hope it works.
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    Arnold’s bodyguard foils ebike theft with taser
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    First ebike for a heavy person

    I got you by a few pounds, and love my Biktrix 1000 ultra with the large battery. With Jones handle bar or a stem riser you get get a real upright ride. The owner is great to deal with and will discuss any questions you have.
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    Main cable extension question

    I bought a cable from California ebikes that I think will work. Tomorrow I am going to remove the plastic guard from the down tube to access the wiring. If it works, all good. If not I will follow your suggestion. Thanks
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    Main cable extension question

    It’s for the Ultra. I found where the four cables merge into one. Is this where they pull apart? From the diagram it looks like the connector you pull apart is different. I have a bad habit of breaking things, and don’t want to mess it up. Thanks
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    Main cable extension question

    I am in the process of raising my handle bars, and purchased the Bafang main cable extension. For the life of me I can’t figure out where to install it. Is the connection point near the motor, and if so how do I access it?
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    The Best Electric Bikes for Large People

    I changed the tires on my Ultra 1000 to Schwalbe Super Moto 2.4 inches wide. Have 27.5 rims. The bike is even better. My friend who has the Turo Levo was impressed with the bike.
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    The Best Electric Bikes for Large People

    Ask all the dealers for the warranty before you buy, and confirm the bike is rated for your weight. If you are over the max weight the warranty will be worthless as you misused the product . Don’t let the salesman tell you it can carry more weight, etc. “You voided the warranty, by exceeding...
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    The Best Electric Bikes for Large People

    I am same height and a little lighter. I went with Biktrix ultra 1000. Went with the large battery. It is rated for 400 pounds. I did change the tires as I ride on the road mostly. With its 1000:watt motor it flys up hills. I was looking at Specialized Como, but there were delivery issues and...
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    Riese & Muller USA office and product liability question?

    Greg is correct that this discussion is academic. Unless you have a client who was severely injured, it wouldn’t justify a claim. Plus you still need to prove a defective product.
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    Are my LBS BTN concerns valid?

    You would first sue the LBS in a products liability case, as they are liable for selling the “defective” product. Jurisdiction would be straight forward, and you wouldn’t need to worry about The Hague Convention for service on the foreign entities, or jurisdiction over them.
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    New guy from Connecticut

    I am also in Central CT. Make sure the bike shop is able to give you a definite date for Specialized to delver the bike. I had issues with my order and ended up canceling. Not the LBS fault but I don’t trust Specialized.
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    Ebike for big guy help

    I am a tad lighter than you and I went with the Biktrix Ultra 1000 with the largest battery. It’s rated to up to 400 pounds.
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    Bike for larger person?

    A lot of the bikes limit the rider weight to 250 or 285. The Biktrix go up to 400 pounds. I love mine. I have your husband by a few inches and pounds.
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    Got my new Jug!!

    Can you posts photos of how the gear sensor was installed? Thinking of getting one. Thanks.
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    Biktrix Purchase—Phenomenal experience!

    I set it up this past week end with a friend who works in the bike industry. He brought his Park stand and tools. He was impressed with how well the bike made it from the great north. The mechanics were spot on and he spent a few minutes checking the shifting as he is obsessed with things...
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    Biktrix Purchase—Phenomenal experience!

    Setup of the bike went without a hitch. Couldn’t be happier.