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  1. Joe Good

    Thumb Throttle for Rad

    I want to get rid of my twist throttle ... and try a thumb throttle on a 2018 Rad Rover? Can anyone recommend an inexpensive plug & play replacement unit?
  2. Joe Good

    Thumb Throttle

    I broke the stock twist throttle on my 18' RadRover. I'd like to replace it with a thumb throttle. Can anyone recommend a replacement unit that's reliable and reasonably inexpensive? Tx!
  3. Joe Good

    Can a mid-drive Kush be ridden with throttle only?

    My guess is no? The chain must rotate in order to roll that rear tire!
  4. Joe Good

    Mystery Bike Burnout

    I own an 18' Rad Rover. I live along the gulf coast in Port Aransas, Texas (aka, the corrosion capital of the world). The weather here has been crap this winter with wet, dense fog almost everyday. Now I'm getting error 30 messages, then the screen goes blank. But the bike still works, both...
  5. Joe Good

    M2S All-Terrain R500 (step down)

    Does anyone have experience with the M2S all terrain, step down, R500 model? I weigh 175 and wonder how durable it is, and if 500 watts is enough power to enjoy! Tx.
  6. Joe Good

    M2S all terrain R500

    Howdy y'all ... I'm from Port A, SoTex USA. I just discovered this forum and joined your group. Sure glad I did because I suspect I'll learn plenty about e.bikes here. I currently ride a 2018 Rad Rover on the beach and love it! I'm thinking about also buying a M2S all terrain R500...