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  1. Chuck E. Cheese

    ST5 handlebar thread on Reddit

    I saw this today. As disturbing as it is perplexing. I thought maybe someone here with first hand experience might have a suggestion for this guy:
  2. Chuck E. Cheese

    Stromer recalling ST5s over safety concerns

    According to the stem can break and Stromer US is recalling 195 of them.
  3. Chuck E. Cheese

    This looks like a deal too good to be true. If not, someone will get a great bike at a spectacular price.

    $2900 U.S. for a good used 17" ST2s. For real?
  4. Chuck E. Cheese

    App stopped working, cannot log in on phone

    That's about it. It worked fine for the past three months. Today it prompted me to enter my credentials. It wouldn't accept them. I've reset my password and done everything I can think of to get it to connect. Anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions? FWIW, I am using a Samsung...
  5. Chuck E. Cheese

    Stromer odometer

    Am I correct in assuming that there is no mechanical odometer on an ST2? My bike has very poor GSM service at my house. I noticed today when I got to work that my Stromer app said I had ridden 1 mile. My house is about 5 miles away. There is no reason for me suspect that this is the first...
  6. Chuck E. Cheese

    Softening the ride without breaking the bank

    A lot of folks here have commented on the stiffness of the Stromers without any suspension. The carbon fork on my ST2 allegedly helps absorb vibrations better than aluminum, but that's not saying a whole lot. Even though I got a spectacular deal on my ST2 (Thank you Crazy Lenny's!!) I spent...
  7. Chuck E. Cheese

    How to measure voltage on the CAN bus battery connector

    I bought a used gold 814Wh battery on ebay as a secondary battery for my ST2. While it doesn't have the capacity of the new one that came with the bike, it seems to be somewhere around 80% of the fresh one. According to the Omni App, the health of both batteries is described as "Very Good"...
  8. Chuck E. Cheese

    Battery health indicator

    I'm planning a long trip this fall on my ST2 and wanted a second battery. A friend who is a grad student in the engineering department at a local university has built dozens of ebike batteries and has experience with and access to access to their battery welding and assembly equipment. I...
  9. Chuck E. Cheese

    Changing headlight on ST2

    The Supernova light on my ST2 is insufficient for where I ride. I need something with a wider beam and a longer throw, preferably with a cutoff focus to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. I'm looking at the Seca 1800 which looks like it would do a better job, but without disassembling the bike I...
  10. Chuck E. Cheese

    Upgrading an ST2 to the Di2 derailleur/ cassette of the ST2s

    I've had my ST2 for only a few weeks and despite having to replace the motor control cable, I am as thrilled with the bike as any purchase I have ever made. However... I had a chance to ride an ST2s yesterday. Holy smokes. The shifting is on a whole other level. I never use the small...
  11. Chuck E. Cheese

    ST2 Motor "Judder"

    So I got my ST2 last Friday. I have 105 miles on it so far, and until today was thrilled beyond belief with everything about it. On a ride this afternoon I came to a short, steep hill. I downshifted. I was going about 10 MPH and the bike began vibrating. There was a distinct loss of power...
  12. Chuck E. Cheese

    In the market for an ST1?

    There are 45 black ST1s on ebay listed individually by a single seller right now. They're all marked used but in excellent condition. I wonder who is dumping them? It looks like maybe a rental fleet or something. Maybe an obsessive collector who's moved on to something new? :-)
  13. Chuck E. Cheese

    2018 ST2 question

    When I first started shopping for an ST2 I watched a vide from Interbike announcing that the new Omni-C was going to be standard on the 2018 models. I since learned that the early 2018 models still shipped with the original Omni. Are there any other differences between the early and later 2018...
  14. Chuck E. Cheese

    Removing rear wheel

    On the Juiced site they sell a toolkit for working on their bikes. I already have all of the tools in the kit except for the lug wrench with a cutout to allow the motor cable to pass through. Is this wrench absolutely necessary to remove the rear wheel, or can I get by with an open-end or...
  15. Chuck E. Cheese

    Integrating a second aftermarket battery

    Even though I haven’t yet received my RCS, I’m in the early stages of planning a long-ish (130 mile each way) trip later this summer to visit a friend who lives in an adjoining state. Luna Cycle has a selection of batteries which are far less expensive than the OEM Juiced batteries. What would...
  16. Chuck E. Cheese

    Cross post: question about cassette on Ripcurrent S

    I posted this in another forum already, but this is probably a better place to as this: I have an RCS on order, and I’d like to increase the top speed I can ride at by replacing the cassette (and deulailler if needed) to something like 9-32. Is there a cassette that I’ll work on the stock RCS...
  17. Chuck E. Cheese

    Juiced RipCurrent S cassette upgrade question

    I have an RCS on order, and I’d like to increase the top speed I can ride at by replacing the cassette (and deulailler if needed) to something like 9-32. Is there a cassette that I’ll work on the stock RCS hub?