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  1. Bobsiii

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    These pics are from a ride along Sand Creek Regional Greenway, north of Denver. Once badly polluted it started getting federal notice in the 90s and cleanup finally got really underway around 2000. Suncor Energy, the refinery near the S. Platte trailhead, consolidated several refineries onto the...
  2. Bobsiii

    e-scooter debate questions?

    Tomorrow night I'm going to a debate about e-scooters; my thinking is e-scooter questions/concerns also apply to e-bikes, so I'm looking for info and want to see who is supportive, who not. Here's 5 ideas the presenters put up for consideration...
  3. Bobsiii

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Turn-around point today along the High Line Canal, 30.4m day.
  4. Bobsiii

    More and more e-bikes!

    Mom said they went with all Bosch so they can swap out batteries.
  5. Bobsiii

    More and more e-bikes!

    Stopped for an iced French vanilla latte mid-ride yesterday at Nixon's Coffee House, parked next to an Orbea and a Haibike. They belong to a mom (Orbea road bike) and her daughter (the Haibike mtn bike). Hubby also owns an Orbea, all bought used on Craigslist, checked out and serviced at Bike...
  6. Bobsiii

    Magnum Peak power is pulsing

    1st, try 8088 for the display, that's the other code. On the pulsing- I have a Metro and get similar when just starting off if I don't get second foot going on pedals fast enough. Never had it while riding. However - my bike is 12 mph in PAS 1, if pedaling falls behind that pace I get clunking...
  7. Bobsiii

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Rest stop, halfway on yesterday's 30m ride north of Denver along the Platte River. I find so much peace in my morning rides along the river, below the noise of civilization, birdsong for company, my depression shrunk to the smallest part of my mind.
  8. Bobsiii

    Spanninga lights

    My "plug and play" comment should have been clearer to refer to possible controller damage.
  9. Bobsiii

    Sad about last two rides.....

    Found a new MUT annoyance Sunday morning as I headed out for a slow easy cruise day. Met a group of about 50 runners going the other way, shouldn't be a problem except they felt a need to run 3-4 abreast gabbing away, inattentive and not yielding ROW. My biggest problem was that the edge of the...
  10. Bobsiii

    Pedego Petition

    I signed and shared it, did not donate.
  11. Bobsiii

    Bike class restrictions

    Different speed limits for different places, obviously, just as there are diff limits on diff roads. And how, exactly, do you think they will "enforce" class limits without enforcers paid for by regulating gov?
  12. Bobsiii

    Is the animus overblown?

    I'm in a similar situation, Best E-Bikes is only a few blocks from Sloan's Lake. I was pleased to see 6 e-bikes during one ride south along the Platte, most ever. Not so pleased with the asshole on the gasoline bike riding the Cherry Creek Trail, stinking up the place and making more noise than...
  13. Bobsiii

    Is the animus overblown?

    I hung around here for several months before I finally got my Metro and read all the threads about negative attitudes toward e-bikers. I even prepared my response to "Cheater!" calls; "Only cheating Father Time". I've been riding for 1000 miles+ and I've never heard a negative comment. The...
  14. Bobsiii

    Bike mirror recommendation

    I have an arthritic neck, makes craning around to see uncomfortable. Added a Mirrycycle to end of grip on Magnum Metro, love it. Easy to adjust, not a lot of jitter, you can fold it back for tight spots, large enough for easy vision. Cheap, well designed and functional. Makes me feel a lot more...
  15. Bobsiii

    Spanninga lights

    My Metro came with a Spanninga Kendo+ headlight. 30 lux. Very inadequate for me. I should be able to upgrade to a brighter, better pattern Spanninga light and plug and play, right?
  16. Bobsiii

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Temps finally broke, got a good ride in today down to Chatfield State Park. I was looking for a direct trail connection to trails on top of reservoir but couldn't find one; ran into "C-470 East/West" signs, nothing for Greenway Trail. Gotta poke around some. I think Littleton (city) and South...
  17. Bobsiii

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Long string of 90's days here - 99 yesterday, going for 100 today - so my longer rides are morning only for now. The pics are from a pit stop along the Cherry Creek Trail, at about 10 miles from downtown. Humidity hovers around single digits - 9% yesterday, about the same today - I'm carrying...
  18. Bobsiii

    Magnum Metro user report 1 year later

    I use "normal" as regular mode, also tried "eco" to lessen kick, agree with David Roy as to result. I also noticed the bike reverted to "normal" before next ride; anyone else see this? If I want to ride in "eco" or "power" do I have to reset it each time?
  19. Bobsiii

    Walk Mode?

    It let's me get my e-bike up my stairs - I can no longer lift/carry it and maintain my balance.