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  1. keithd

    Aurora Fully Loaded on order

    Well I placed an order for the Aurora fully loaded with comfort kit on May 27, 2019 and I received notification the comfort kit is on the way. Justin told me the bike should ship today or tomorrow. I will keep all posted on my progress. So far communication has been excellent.
  2. keithd

    Older models sitting on showroom floor

    The only bike shops in my area there are two that sell ebikes one has Specialized and the other Giant. The bikes they have in stock are two 2017 or 2018 Como 2.0's they were not sure how old they were. And the other is a 2018 Giant Pro E+1. I do not believe either of these dealers spend much...
  3. keithd

    2018 Dirt e pro vs 2019 fathom e3

    I have a chance to pick up a 2018 Dirt E-pro (orange red) for just a little more than a 2019 Fathom e+3. USA bikes. What are the pros and cons here. Thanks for any input.
  4. keithd

    Hill climbing ability

    Here is my dilemma my LBS has no major hills nearby that would be similar to my daily commute. I like the Stromer ST1 Elite how does this compare to the more powerful motor of the Radcity hill climbing? If I go the mid-drive route I would most likely look for an internal hub or Nuvinci system...
  5. keithd

    Most Popular E-Bike company on this forum

    Please select your E-Bike or Bikes from the choices given and post your model in the comments section. I know I missed some maybe popular bikes. And there are typo errors as well. This is for whole bike mfg. companies and not kits as there would be way too many variables. Thanks for your input...
  6. keithd

    Help choosing E-Bike Mt Washington Valley

    Looking for E-Bike under $2K Me (5'10" 190#) mid 50's Commute 14 Miles round trip (Last 2.5 miles to my home is uphill (3-7%) steepest incline (13%) for about 200 yards. The bike will be used on weekends for other recreational rides. All mountainous terrain but mostly pavement (grades 0-22%)...