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    Tire clearance Sduro cross rc 2016?

    Hi I am looking at a used Sduro cross rc from 2016. I am a winter rider and i ride in lpts of snow so i use 57c wide winter tires (ice spiker pro). The roms supplied with the bike are 622x21 and should support the tires. I was wondering though, if the bike can fit the tires or if they are too...
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    Anyone tried RF v16 as GPS tracking unit?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and just got my bh Emotion evo 27.5. I saw that a GPS tracking unit found off eBay, RF v16, for 20 dollars seemingly is identical to the one that fits in the batterycage for the evo 27.5 sold as an accessory for 220 dollars. Anyone tested this unit? Further, anyone...