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  1. Bobsiii

    e-scooter debate questions?

    Tomorrow night I'm going to a debate about e-scooters; my thinking is e-scooter questions/concerns also apply to e-bikes, so I'm looking for info and want to see who is supportive, who not. Here's 5 ideas the presenters put up for consideration...
  2. Bobsiii

    More and more e-bikes!

    Stopped for an iced French vanilla latte mid-ride yesterday at Nixon's Coffee House, parked next to an Orbea and a Haibike. They belong to a mom (Orbea road bike) and her daughter (the Haibike mtn bike). Hubby also owns an Orbea, all bought used on Craigslist, checked out and serviced at Bike...
  3. Bobsiii

    Is the animus overblown?

    I hung around here for several months before I finally got my Metro and read all the threads about negative attitudes toward e-bikers. I even prepared my response to "Cheater!" calls; "Only cheating Father Time". I've been riding for 1000 miles+ and I've never heard a negative comment. The...
  4. Bobsiii

    Spanninga lights

    My Metro came with a Spanninga Kendo+ headlight. 30 lux. Very inadequate for me. I should be able to upgrade to a brighter, better pattern Spanninga light and plug and play, right?
  5. Bobsiii

    Ghost pedaling

    I've never been a big exercise guy, bore way too easily. So naturally I find myself, often, ghost pedaling on my e-bike, just slowly riding the pedals around. I'm just as likely to fall behind the PAS and get a clunk as to self-power much over the PAS. I know there's lots of enjoyment riding...
  6. Bobsiii

    Serious bike on bike crash. Head on.

    Why speed limits on MUPs? Try this. This sounds like it would have been a lot less serious if the one biker were not going so fast. I ride here often, keep to 14-15 mph and get passed a ton. Hell, an idiot on scooter passed me the other day! I rode here the day after the crash and saw two radar...
  7. Bobsiii

    Good for Yamaha

    They're sponsoring a 4 rider Team Yamaha E-Bikes in the Ride The Rockies event, this is the first year they've been allowed I believe. Yamaha gave each rider two extra batteries for the race. I didn't get a chance to ask the guy how they were handling recharging - or how they're going to carry...
  8. Bobsiii

    Denver Parks seeks rule making for "e-devices"

    Denver Parks has established a 180 day "temporary rule directive" (why can't bureaucrats speak English?) allowing what they call e-devices on Parks trails until Oct 15, followed by a public hearing and rule making. "E-devices are defined as electric and/or battery-powered bicycles, scooters...
  9. Bobsiii

    Metro's first month

    One month into ownership, 247 miles, no real problems. Used for running errands as well as longish rec rides on paved multi use paths. Most of my riding now is in Normal mode, 6-7th gear, PAS 1-2, working to get fit enough go to Eco mode in belief that should increase my range. Typical ca 25...
  10. Bobsiii

    Good overview of locks

    Velosurance has several good articles on their page; especially liked this one on ratings and use. I'm trying to figure out how to secure my Magnum Metro, probably going with a folding lock. By the author's reckoning I'm someplace between needing High and Medium...
  11. Bobsiii

    Path design causes riding problems

    Path designers around here (Denver) seem in love with narrow short sharp right-angle entrances to the frequent river/creek crossings. I've found only two with a paved knuckle at the entrance, none built on a diagonal. They also love narrow, short, diving and sharply turning entrances to...
  12. Bobsiii

    Charger confusion

    Okay, took my new Metro home from the shop Friday afternoon, plus a 15 mile rec ride. Put the battery on the charger that came with it, left it for 6 hrs. Sat morn wanted to go for a group ride but only had 45.6 V showing on display. Had to give up about 5 miles in, even with lots of PAS 0 -...
  13. Bobsiii

    Last test ride - buying this weekend!

    Came down to Amego Infinite or Magnum Metro, decided on Magnum even tho it's a bit more because there is a lbs Magnum dealer a mile from home and I'm not mechanically minded. Started at Best Electric Bikes USA on Federal, took a lap around Sloan's Lake and dropped into Lakewood Gulch to get to...
  14. Bobsiii

    Slight sign of acceptance?

    Ride The Rockies is a 7 day ca 450 mi ride with ca 25000 feet of elevation gain, a serious Colorado spandexter event. There's something new this year, though: e-bikes! Here's a link to the event page and also to Best Electric Bikes blog announcing acceptance of e-bikes into the event. Haven't...
  15. Bobsiii

    Any Garmin Connect users?

    In the Denver areas we have 100s of bike/multi-use trails, but most of them are disconnected. I haven't ridden roads in decades and worry about safety, as I'm sure others do. There are several trails I'd like to work out loops for and wonder what roads most bikers use/think safe. It sounds like...
  16. Bobsiii


    My Magnum Metro display shows everything I want to track except altitude. Does anyone have a recommendation for a separate altimeter? A watch type would be good or even just something to carry/strap on bike. NOT looking for super expensive models, don't really need multi function.
  17. Bobsiii

    Eye candy!!!

    Stopped by local ebike shop, saw this in the back. Sweet looking ride, same price range as r&m
  18. Bobsiii

    Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese (Li-NCM)

    What is a "Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese (Li-NCM)" battery? That's what Magnum lists for my Metro. Just another name, or different from most?
  19. Bobsiii

    disc brake locks??

    Does anyone have any experience with these? From your experience, how useful are/would they be? I'm looking for simple, short-term bike security without the awkward storage of U-locks or folders, for mid-ride stops or errand running...
  20. Bobsiii

    Collapsible, quick-release rear baskets?

    I want a pair of folding wire baskets for rear rack on my Magnum Metro that I can quickly attach and remove. Mainly used for groceries, carrying supplies to community garden plot, other errands. Wald baskets seem to be permanently attached; does anyone have anything that fits my criteria?